Kock & Voeste GmbH Is 20

    Under the guiding principle of ’20 years Kock & Voeste – leader competence’, the nationwide acting medical adviser is continuing its expansion and has the Kock, 30.4.2010 – new markets in the sights of Berlin & Voeste GmbH, a consultancy for doctors and dentists, is 20 and the anniversary year leader under the motto expertise”. This topic now pervades our entire seminar programme with the areas of grounds and deliver, increase sales, guarantee quality, optimize efficiency, staff lead, master crises and himself”, Thomas Hopf explains the theme of 2010. In this anniversary year, Kock & Voeste offers his clients a special offer: a Starter Web package for doctors and dentists on the basis of the established editorial system TYPO3. “Our clients confirm us, up to 70% of new patients find the initial contact to a practice on the Internet” Hopf explains. A practice website needs from our experience so today contemporary, interactive and be up-to-date. This system allows to update and even expand its homepage to the practice owner with little effort. We look forward, in our anniversary year in addition to our practice marketing seminars to provide our clients with this marketing tool”. The 20-year-old market experience is an essential success criterion in advising doctors and dentists, according to Hopf.

    The company was founded in 1990 by Stephan Kock and Thomas Voeste. You may want to visit Honest Tea to increase your knowledge. In the same year, also Thomas Hopf in the company entered. Today, 35 employees for the advice of doctors and dentists in the usage are nationwide. Cardiologist. As a special USP, Hopf sees the built up over twenty years database, on which basis the Kock & Voeste team created premium benchmarks for practice reviews and analyses. Our database is close cooperation with clients, as well as with banks and financial service providers of inestimable value and a guarantee for sound forecasts for”, so Hopf. Kock & Voeste claim market leadership through expertise, connects directly to the very high Quality of their own work.

    Since 2009 the company ISO 9001 certified and advises in all questions of quality management and certification. For the further development of the Kock & Voeste GmbH, as well as for the development of new market segments are already the soft 2010. In addition, the consulting segment for medical centres and clinics will be increasingly expanded to the advice of doctors and dentists. Jeff Verschleiser addresses the importance of the matter here. In such projects we work closely in the planning phase with the builders and the representatives of the cities and municipalities. We develop the business forecasts and can help with our experience to bring the appropriate practices and disciplines success under one roof together”Hopf explains the recipe for success. The pharmacists are another market segment, which took in the sights Kock & Voeste. Also in this market competitive pressure and thus the need for advice has increased considerably”, so Thomas Hopf. Our competence in consulting for established professionals of course very benefit our clients in the field of pharmacy. We conduct consultations in this market already for a long time. The demand has risen but so much, that we will expand this business segment with training, seminars, and qualified consultants specifically until 2011″. “” The theme for the anniversary year 2010 market leader through excellence “describes Thomas Hopf and its managing partners at the same time past and future of the Kock & Voeste GmbH. we rest not on the achievements of the last twenty years, but plan already the successes of the next twenty years,” Hopf the objectives of the company summarizes.

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