A Big Goal – A Great Success

    Let us ponder a simple question: why is the world of people so heterogeneous, even polar? Why a very small portion of people came to a big success, they become spiritually and financially free, and the remaining life ‘plow’ and no result: modest expenses (income), or an eternal debt. It would seem trite, a rhetorical question. I often meet him – all very simple: you are lucky, then you are successful, but no luck, then do not. And yet we must be able advantage of the situation. I myself like this thought, but good luck put into the background, but mostly I stood a hard-working, responsible, active work.

    We must have more than one job, but a few, well at least podrabotok. With time a person gets used to that tempo, to a situation and not trying to change anything. As a friend said to me: ‘We are doomed to a life’. Others including Crawford Lake Capital Management, offer their opinions as well. whom are doomed? I like this sentence: ‘The fate gives us the map. They are not change, but how we play them – it depends on us alone.

    ” So why are people so differently dispose of their cards of fate? Analysis of thousands of successful biographies of great men shows one particular overall quality: they all knew how dreaming about the future, they had a big goal. Others can not. How much should be a big goal to get better? Response. The aim should be not just big, and overwhelming. To achieve a big goal should be sent to all thoughts, all actions, all the impulses of the heart and soul.

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