New Kamasutra Lounge

    An erotic furniture with the amazing lustful love positions discover that have they never thought possible. Eroticism and love include from House much to the happy life together. The kamasutra Lounge offers to experience intimacy through inspiring Romantic fantasy. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Xoom and gain more knowledge.. She is an erotic furniture for women and men and brings both in every comfortable and desirable sexual position. With the Kama Sutra Lounge you can enjoy better sex with much less physical usage. John A McColgan understands that this is vital information. It will be their secret for many, incredible and intense orgasms.

    It is a fact that most people having sex flat lie and the missionary position constantly endure must be on the bed. However with time, the missionary position is boring and not the best position, if they want to increase their joint pleasure. Without some change of position, the love can be unsatisfactory for man and woman. The Kama Sutra Lounge is designed to improve the angle and the depth of penetration in any position during lovemaking. If a pregnancy is their goal, a Kama Sutra Lounge optimized their chances by choosing the best position for themselves. Ideal and perfect for couples who want to improve their most intimate moments, with a weight difference of 30 to 50 KG, with a Grossenunterscheid of 20-40 cm between the partners – where a partner is less than or more than the other, the problems involving the sexual penetration that due to age or illness not able to bring sexual performance. It is also a great gift for that special sexy occasion. A character of special love for the partner to bring him sexually to the limits of maximum pleasure.

    The kamasutra lounge was designed with its unique design, to give them and their partners to sexual fulfillment and satisfaction. Another advantage is the constant touch of the genital area during lovemaking, a continuous stimulation for both partners until the common ultra orgasm is reached. Kamasutra lounge is the new dimension of love for sensual hours.

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