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    In recent events caused by nature, the doctrine of natural or unintentional called facts, because he never speak the will of man. The common denominator between voluntary and involuntary acts is legal, for example, as you know death is natural, however, what if a murder occurs through? Apart is inferred that death is a natural event, will also be voluntary, since there was any conduct by omission year. Finally, be inferred from the facts volunteer legal and illegal, as follows: The first human acts are determined by the parties, intended to produce legal effects or effects jurigenos.Por jurigenos be legal consequences will say they are prosecuted for one or more agents, approved by law if you are effects desired by the parties in the Italian doctrine we can find no legal acts, but as a legal business, to invoke the law in order to perform certain private interests, brought about by themselves. For example: the purchase and sale of a car “Corolla” fixed in a hundred thousand large soles a deed, recorded in the National Superintendency of Public Registries (SUNARP). By contrast, the volunteers made illegal are those which perform, conduct or carry out legal acts of trade. They deal with events that deviate from the order of law, ie the legal order and its rules of public policy, breach of which gives the right lens, affecting, therefore, morality and decency, in an exemplary manner: when a seller offers a minor in exchange for an undisclosed amount of money, a gun, only for it to kill his stepfather raping his sister ten years.

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