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    Urban Architecture

    Endless tango and I checked, Buenos Aires is a city without complexes. The so-called Paris of South America, European style, has an atmosphere that attracts locals and foreigners. The safety of narcissism, sometimes exaggerated, makes the capital of Argentina an attractive incentive in which an architecture intermingle large luxury buildings in the affluent neighborhoods of low houses with colored labor. A megalopolis of 15 million people that seems not end when you start to descend the plane at Ezeiza airport and is the natural gateway for South American tour. With increasingly cheap flights is a good option to travel as backpackers since arriving in a country with one currency, the Argentine peso (ARS), very weak against the euro and the dollar. From the international airport, 35 km from downtown, you can catch buses that take 40 minutes and cost between 32 and 35 ARS (about 6 euros) or take the cheapest option is a public bus number 86, which costs an , 35 ARS (0.20 euros), but it takes two hours.

    Once in the center and although it is a large city, it is easier and cheaper to move because it has a highly developed transport system. With six subway lines, which is known in Argentina as the underground (0.70 ARS travel costs) and more than 150 bus lines or bus (the trip costs 0.80 ARS) can reach every corner of the city . To save costs one can choose an Internet that is affordable by avoiding the high season in Argentina is from November to February, as they coincide with summer in the southern hemisphere.

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