Anonymous Forensics

    Finally hope for victims fast and unbureaucratic help in sight? Were you threatened and touched against your will? Hurt? “Someone having sex with you made what you didn’t want and stopped, as you no” said or had pain? Were you forced to have sex? Someone raped you? If you or your child have become victim of such an incident, you are physically and mental in a State of emergency. This is understandable to respond to offensive, contemptuous behaviour. Experts speak of a sexual offence. Even if no visible injuries for you are recognizable, perhaps only”scratches, we recommend you go to a doctor. The doctor can help you to secure the traces, without that they need to report anonymously. You have time to think about rest in any case.

    Regardless of whether you want to report or not, we recommend strongly even slight traces of the fact as soon as possible by a doctor to ensure Let. And so it goes: If you are sure you want to report an ad directly contact with the police. It accompanies you on your request for forensics in the clinic. You can turn the police the attending physician / doctor. If you are first still cannot imagine an ad reimbursement and need more time, the doctor / doctor can secure anyway possible traces of the fact, unless you agree.

    Then ask to an anonymous evidence in the investigation. Their tracks are provided with a code number and stored anonymously to the police in Wuppertal, Germany. The police does not learn your personal data here. A display in the space of ten years the tracks can serve as important evidence. Stress relieve and draw new strength. If you want to learn about this procedure or generally need advice, help and support for sexual violence, I send you further like the corresponding mail. Unfortunately this applies only for the space of Wuppertal, I will make me clever how it runs in other places, and hold here and on my website up to date.

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