In the course of time, changed the application if we want to apply today at a company, an online application is often required. Actually a good idea, we save time and money, but as a result, the applications are always anonymous. So I applied last year with all important documents via the Internet in a food chain. Three days later I got the invitation to an online test, in which the employer seemingly out wanted to get, who is right for his chain at all then. Of course there is something now almost in every industry, but through the Internet we don’t even know who exactly we are tested. That was of course don’t care at the moment, because I looked forward to the test was approved.

    Less later, I read through the mail but still closer and could read there that I, would ask like every other candidate now to this test. That disappointed me a little, but I didn’t give up of course hope, even if the well really was not my dream job. After the I the test well had made again approximately three days until I got the rejection, because I had enough probably not qualified for such work and you would like to see but everything good for my future life passed. I got so a rejection by a man whom I have previously never heard of, let alone seen. Something there is of course also in the “normal” applications by mail, but since we get mostly at least still a personal rejection, which is perhaps even personally signed.

    Also not pleased, but it is certainly still less anonymous. But that is the changing of times probably again, about fifty years ago would you must imagine probably just personally, must tell something about yourself and maybe worked one day for the trial. Learn more at this site: Barry Nalebuff. Over the years, then came the detailed applications, an application is required from beginners, can not even write some adult. And today we apply on the Internet with our application portfolio easily and quickly. It may be interesting how we us must apply in twenty years.

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