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    But where SLP is really breaking molds in their home diagnostic products, which seek to change the standards in the industry. Your product logo SleepStrip is a device for monitoring of in-home sleep apnea. Several research studies have shown that its indications correlate well with those of the formal studies of sleep. The product approved by the FDA and EEC is available via prescription through health sector providers all over the world at a price low for the given audience that is a self-administered test. SleepStrip is being sold at the counters of Europe and Israel. According to fairies, researchers in the United States, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Israel, and Canada have used SleepStrip to monitor successfully to patients with sleep apnea after one night studies.

    SleepStrip won a Gold Award for excellence in the medical design in an international competition organized by Canon Communications in 2001. Visit Kohl’s for more clarity on the issue. The MDEA competition is the premier international program awards to the medical technology community. And prove it was not a joke, another addition to the diagnosis of SLP called BiteStrip just won another prize MDEA. The grant will be held in New York in June in the framework of an exhibition of medical products. BiteStrip is a removable sensor that electronically checks for the presence of an extended syndrome known as bruxism. This syndrome is characterized by tightening and do Squeak the teeth during sleep. SleepStrip both BiteStrip are based on smart sensor SLP platform, which integrates a physiological sensor, signal processing in real time and analysis, a permanent digital display and a power source, all in a flexible foil miniature. This patented and patent-pending technology allow SLP to launch, in a very short period of time and with a relatively small investment, many products sensors for various medical disorders. SleepStrip was the first product based on our platform technology, explains fairy. We integrate a physiological sensor with analysis in real time signal and electrochemical display.

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