Enterprise Security

    Ascopert offers companies a comprehensive advice and support in all areas of the enterprise security many companies is not aware that it is of the utmost importance, mandatory to comply with internal and external rules and regulations. The compliance system of Ascopert is a holistic system that covers everything from the initial review (compliance check) regular training (compliance training), measures to raise awareness (awareness area) to continuous inspections (compliance audit). With the compliance organization of Ascopert to arm businesses against business risks and protect yourself from image losses and possible liability claims of third parties. Ascopert uses the forensic service and the forensic investigations in the area of economic crime. Difficult situations are processed by means of forensic analysis. Objectively and secretive Ascopert experienced experts clarify facts (crime investigation) and thus effectively contribute to harm reduction (fraud prevention and fraud Investigation) at.

    With the risk management process, Ascopert operates a professional analysis of weak points through which creates a detailed risk management consulting for the customers. The risk and opportunity management by Ascopert recorded competently all entrepreneurial potential and minimized greater reputational damage caused by unforeseen events. More and more companies are that there are weak points within the company today in clear. But what they are exactly, it is often unclear. Ascopert goes into a sophisticated security management with a detailed analysis of the weak points. A security concept (security concept) and continuous security checks (security audit) continue the process and specifically prepared the company for a worthwhile safety testing (security certification).

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