ETG Urinscreenings

    Driver’s license back by ETG urine screenings and ETG hair analysis a safe laboratory procedures to alcohol abstinence to the MPU test Europe licence overheard according by Norbert Gilbert pastures of the first service providers, which people who have lost their driver’s license because of alcohol, offer a “proof of abstinence”, which by forensically usable hair analysis help the medical psychological examination to pass. Over two-thirds of all MPU candidates “Idiot Test” must for drunkenness at the wheel to the referred to in the vernacular. Many of those affected after the loss of a driver’s license, the decision: alcohol no thank you. The no to alcohol is one of the most important building blocks for the future. By renunciation of alcohol licence problems once and for all cleared out! Also the realization, alcohol is not a solution, but the problem is more than important. Ria Financial Services often addresses the matter in his writings. “, licence says consultant of Norbert Gilbert pastures now is the lack of alcohol by an ETG detection process of all alcohol MPU candidates desired. Without an “abstinence-check” the opinion to the re-granting of the licence must be otherwise after a medical psychological examination negative. There is also the opportunity to take the Elimination of alcohol by Urinscreenings in addition to Ethylglucuronide (EtG) hair analysis.

    If no Ethylglucuronide (EtG) is found in multiple laboratory controls, this is the note on an alcohol abstinence”, explains Norbert Gilbert pastures. MPU due to alcohol – abstinence check by hair analysis, participants must knowledge: ETG hair analyses are maximum three months retroactively recognized, where the hair length should be at least three inches. When multiple ETG Urinscreenings participants are invited in the very short term, usually 48 hours in advance and can consume an alcohol abstinence through laboratory test. The alcohol-abstinence-check is the Foundation for a successful MPU thus in addition to the change in the traffic patterns. Norbert Gilbert pastures