Of this form, if it rescues the importance of if considering the professor in its proper formation. Process for to know they go which them if constituting, from pedagogical a theoretical reflection/, where the new boardings of research start to recognize the professor as subject of one to know and one to make, making to appear to the necessity of if investigating to know of reference on its proper action and thoughts to them, since the analysis of the values and principles of action that guide the work of the professors can bring new lights on the understanding concerning beddings, either in the direction to unmask attitudes and practical gifts in day-by-day of the schools that had been historically ignored by educational literature. For Cury (2003 p.07) ' ' An excellent educator is not a perfect human being, but somebody that serenity has to empty itself and sensitivity for aprender' '. The professor is a facilitador, but he has the limits of the content programmarian to follow, the time of lesson and the rules of law to fulfill. It has a great concrete freedom, in the form to obtain to organize the education process/learning, but inside of the basic parameters foreseen socially. For in such a way, she is necessary that some papers of the memory and some areas of the process are known of construction of intelligence to find the tools necessary and capable to give an overturn in the education. Therefore, good professors are those that have a good academic culture and transmit with security and eloquncia the information in classroom already the fascinating professors exceed this goal, look for to know the functioning of the mind of the pupils to educate better. For them, each pupil is not plus a number in the one but classroom, human being complex, with peculiar necessities. Today, full century XXI, one gives credit that if they must transform the formation of this professor, transposing the practical ones crystallized for its initial formation.

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