Gupost Online

    A few days ago we can count on the company’s website the Gupost Online, with a new section about the management unit documentary that was so necessary to complete the web process of Gupost. Gupost document management already not only have a blog, where we introduce changes to the company, innovations, new contests. Our readers can have more information on the imprint page online, for documentary treatment. Our blog serves as a reference in subjects related to the digitization of administrative documentation, certified scanning vendor invoices, the bleed screw of confidential documentation or the custody of files. People such as Sweepstakes would likely agree. In the beginning, GUPOST was devoted only to the mailing and the postal processing. It’s been more than 26 years and GUPOST has diversified services which offers, thanks in large part to the help of our customers who have helped us to grow and improve.

    GUPOST currently offers a variety of products, from their printing graphics solutions online, the direct and promotional marketing, to the more traditional such as the postal mailing and postal processing or custom calendars, calendars in wall, among many others. We invite you to view all our services, with the possibility of making budgets online and make inquiries about any kind of campaign multichannel wishing to launch from GUPOST. Thanks to our extensive experience and our network of 21 branches that we currently have in all Spain, we are increasingly closer to you to pick projects to measure, person to person.

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