LUUPS: Art, Cultural, Or Culinary Offering More Colorful!

    For 19 cities with about 30 cultural and culinary highlights of love your city”is the motto of LUUPS – scene and arts leaders who have appeared new. And what is so adorable 19 cities with LUUPS? The answer: many attractive nightlife destinations, where you pay once and twice has the pleasure with LUUPS, art, to enjoy cultural or culinary. You can see that LUUPS coupon books are different, on the square format, the pop colors and the iconic presentation. Anders is also, that LUUPSer are always on the lookout for special entertainment goals and doing beyond sweeping views over the plate edge of the ordinary. LUUPS offers much more than a Sunday lunch in the home-style restaurant, in which you get two chips for the price of one “, assured editor Karsten Brinsa. Scene Club, chill-out lounge, cult pub or noble Italians the offer in LUUPS is as colourful as the pages of the book. Compared to previous years, LUUPS could even more providers (between 33 and 45 pro) Win book), in which LUUPS readers for culinary or cultural enjoyment pay half. More info: Agean Shipping. The vouchers for restaurants and bars LUUPS lovers get yet an icing on top: in addition to culinary, readers are also vouchers for leisure and culture in LUUPS.

    This multifaceted mix makes the LUUPS books”so interesting, says Karsten Brinsa. How important for LUUPS is the promotion of artists and musicians, sees and hears immediately. A work by artists of the region is printed on every second page that is inserted by the way and is therefore ideally suited as a CD cover. Also LUUPS fans with a download link to download free indie, punk, and pop-rock of 13 young, up and coming bands and musicians from the Internet at. Cassette 09 “is this interesting mix of music.

    With LUUPS, you can save around 500 euros for the trips by restaurants, pubs – and Kult(UR)statten. The 16.90 euros for the LUUPS book are a well designed investment to its City love even more to learn. LUUPS: 09: love your city: ++ 35 LIEBLINGSLOCATIONS: restaurants: bars: Cafes: Theatre: cinemas: museums: ++ 2 times enjoy once numbers SO let himself up to 500 EURO saving ++ young art on every second page ++ fresh music as SAMPLER to DOWNLOAD LUUPS 09: the best ARGUMENT his city to love: LUUPS has appeared for a total of 19 cities: Augsburg: Berlin: Bochum: Bremen: Dortmund : Dusseldorf: Eat: Frankfurt: Hamburg: Kassel: Cologne: Krefeld: Leipzig: Mainz: Munich: Munster: Stuttgart : Wurzburg: Vienna. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Mehr Informationen unter: .

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