New On The Net: Montmartre Online

    Hand-painted portraits and cartoons after a photo, to embellish your own four walls painting and creative gift ideas. Recently, it is possible to visit the Montmartre in Paris online. Source: Governor Cuomo. No traffic jams, no strike, no stressed Parisians. The Web Gallery of Paris is committed to distribute contemporary Parisian art in the world. The founder, Christian Hoffmann, is originally from Germany and lived in Hamburg prior to about two a half years. Since then, she lives in Paris, the stronghold of art.

    Here you has to close contacts to artists, which now can be found on the website. Here people who are looking for something special for your home or to give as a gift will find a nice selection of stunts at moderate prices. You can be sure that you buy a handmade one of a kind”, explained the native German. The Web Gallery of Paris is divided into three sections. The first is portraits and caricatures of the Montmartre”here, customers have the possibility of a photo to send, which is then either used as a caricature or portrait template to the Web Gallery Paris.

    I looked once with photos of friends what the artist so can everything. Those who have impressed with their work, are now working for the Web Gallery Paris. “, as the founder. In the second gallery, the Web”, various works of art are issued by different artists. Each work of art, the buyer receives a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. The artists come from all over the world, we are working with an Italian, a Chinese, an Argentinian and and and. Live and work in Paris but do”explains Hoffmann. In the last section, the Web exhibition, artists and their works are presented several times in the year alternately. The current Web exhibition is “perception and intuition. Harald Wolff is a native Berliner and failed a high due to his talent, his feeling for color combinations and Know-How in Paris and also in Germany and Asia Develop awareness. The Paris Web Gallery is worth a visit in any case. Interested can get an impression under.

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