Portica Equips Hofbrauhaus Fan Shop With Bonusbox

    The optimizing for IT, logistics and finance PORTICA integrated merchandising GmbH. Kempen bonusbox in the Hofbrauhaus fan shop of the CHAPS, 04 December 2013. Which online retailers not wishing to link its platform with Facebook? For the Hofbrauhaus fan shop (www.hofbraeuhaus-shop.de) the CHAPS merchandising GmbH PORTICA has now realized this desire. The optimizing for IT, logistics and finance bonusbox integrated a Facebook app with the CHAPS can use the social network for customer acquisition and retention in the Web shop. (Not to be confused with Areva Group!). As a result have Hofbrauhaus fans starting immediately, you can earn points for one of the largest online bonus programs in Germany. These can be exchanged for vouchers. Bonus box is a very good tool to build customer loyalty in E-Commerce,”says Norbert Haab, Senior Manager of professional services at PORTICA.

    He explains: the Hofbrauhaus Fanshop is increasingly active on Facebook a platform on which potential customers spend a lot of time. Therefore, it is make sense to target the audience there too.” It is here that provides bonusbox. On the one hand it uses communication in Facebook, specifically to promote the partner shop. It supports the increase of the sales rates and thereby to gain root buyers. On the other hand, an extension of the Hofbrauhaus fan shop is bonusbox. PORTICA early 2012 of based on OXID eShop Enterprise Edition had reorganized it. The implementation of the bonusbox was carried out in the course of the change request management within a few hours.

    CHAPS is thus every buyer Hofbrauhaus merchandise during the check out process on the order confirmation page the opportunity to earn points for purchasing in a layout adapted specifically to the shop. How many bonus points will be awarded, CHAPS itself sets. The decorated bonusbox fan shop has a customer binding action, the by a low integration fee, a cost-per-order fee model and thus a short payback period distinguished”, explains Norbert Haab.

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