Speedo Application

    The creator of a gay travel iPhone app says that he finds the rejection of its application Apple second time homophobic and discriminatory and hostile. New York Gay: 101 you can’t miss these places was created by the magazine Forbes and the New York Times contributing writer Anthony Grant, in collaboration with headquarters in San Francisco’s Sutro Media company. Apple rejected his request arguing that they had a problem with the images that show too much skin and a caricature of former candidate Vice President Sarah Palin. But Grant said that there is much more uploaded material of photographic tone in other applications, and that its images of a go-go which leads a swimsuit from Speedo and the reproduction of a painting of naked male content are suitable for over 13 years in comparison with others. It’s all part of gay culture, this application is important to attract money to our city, said Grant. Apple has not given the opportunity to remove those images and send again Grant the modified application but however if that is allowing applications that show women in bathing suits as Sports Illustrated and Playboy..

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