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    Motor Cylinder Process

    Purging is complete, start compressing the mixture in the cylinder and the intake of new portions of the mixture into the crankcase. Read additional details here: Tyler Haney. The cycle is repeated. The entire process proceeds in two stroke and one crankshaft revolution, a stroke occurs every movement of the piston down, which is twice more often than a four-stroke engine. To improve the filling of the crankcase and exclude reverse release of the mixture into the carburetor inlet valve petal crankcase set. This simple device improves power and economy of the engine at low and medium engine speed, that is the most used operating modes.

    Advantages and disadvantages of these two engines derived from the characteristics of their workflow and design. Two-stroke ATV engine is easier to manufacture, smaller, lighter and, accordingly, and cheaper. Steph Korey contains valuable tech resources. With an equal amount of work "dvuhtaktnik" more powerful in at least half time, double the number of strokes significantly smooths the torque ripple and vibration, which is especially important for single-cylinder units, mounted on a light motor equipment. But this advantage of the classic two-stroke gasoline engine to an end. One of its major drawbacks – low cost. The reason is that the crank-chamber purging of the fresh mixture inevitably escapes into the exhaust pipe with exhaust gases. Another problem is the lubricating and exhaust emissions. Pass the mixture through the crankcase with fresh exclude use of reliable lubrication of the crank mechanism under pressure as a four-engine (otherwise the oil would have been in the cylinder for a few seconds.) Necessary to introduce oil into the fuel mixture, where it gets to the bearings and the cylinder mirror.

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    Providing Services

    Due to the expansion of services and integrated services companies to improve the quality of services to individuals, the company 'City Taxi' has developed a document highlighting a number of aspects of their work. 'The rules provide transport services' to help understand the principle and mechanism of the 'City Taxi' with their customers. They detail the main points, which often have questions and uncertainties such as variations in time 'Receive Order', the principles of 'taximeter' rules 'Distribution of orders' guarantee 'arrival on time', holding 'meetings in airports and train stations' charging 'time out', the specification and internal rules 'Travel' options 'Payment'. For more information on 'Rules …' You can visit our website at. The rules for legal entities located in the 'Corporate', for individuals – in the 'About Us'.

    For taxi call 500-0-500, we are always glad to see you. About company: 'City Taxi' founded in 2003. Today, it offers the following services: – taxi – a personal car – combi transportation; – evacuation vehicles; – corporate transportation services. In April 2006 the 'City Taxi' was an official carrier of the international airport Domodedovo. Currently building Domodedovo International Airport has 4 racks Order 'City Taxi'.

    Since May 2007, the company is the official carrier of the TC 'IKEA Teply Stan', from October 2007 – the official carrier of the shopping center 'IKEA Belaya Dacha'. November 2007 – 'City Taxi' has reached a new level of service in the direction of the evacuation of passenger cars and motorcycles. January 2008 – the expansion of corporate integrated transport services for cargo. City Taxi (495) 500-0-500

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    CTP Police

    Do not pay for the CTP? What not to refuse to pay. The first thing you have to do is notify the insurer about the accident. To read more click here: Macy’s Inc.. The application must attach the completed form notice of an accident (You gave them when you bought the policy), and a certificate of an accident (it is available in three different forms) issued by the traffic police. And, of course, write a self declaration of the insured event so that it uses its requirement to provide you act on insurance case. Its value, I will describe below. These are the documents, which begins with the way your vyplatnogo case.

    But note that if the accident (hereinafter referred to as DTP) traveled traffic police officers, and made out it, you'll need to take in the bodies of the traffic police are at least two documents: the report of the accident, the decision on whether or determination not to initiate an administrative case. These are documents drawn up official, ie independent and nepristrastnoy party (unless proven otherwise, of course), and in court they can be "fatal" value. Therefore, carefully watch what they write traffic police officers. It's in your best interest. You do not agree with what fellow wrote? Right about this point in the protocol! Do not wait for later! Read before signing! They will help the insurer deal in the circumstances of the incident, "misery." If you seek get money, of course. Since their delivery begins during the period provided by our legislators, the insurer for a decision on the case, and for the necessary formalities, such as: making the act of the insured event, and notification to you, as a victim of the decision.

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