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    Babies And Fluid

    Fluid needs depend on the baby's health, environmental conditions, the baby's weight and activity. Most pediatricians are inclined to believe that a child of the first months of life, who is to breastfeeding feeding does not need supplementation if their physical health and adequate climatic conditions. If a kid gets a mixed or completely artificial nutrition, the issue of supplementary feeding is solved individual physician. With the expansion of his child's diet increases fluid requirements, in addition, there are situations where the child's health is not only possible but necessary to water, such as neonatal jaundice or diarrhea. What kind of water is suitable for baby food? Here, the opinion of pediatricians and dietitians is one – if the choice between boiled, filtered and bottled water – just a special children's water guarantees quality and safety and meets all sanitary requirements. Barry Nalebuff contributes greatly to this topic. First, water is taken only from environmentally friendly sources of artesian and corresponds to GOST 'drinking water, the highest category. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Publishers Clearing House. " Second, this water is a complex multi-stage cleaning system.

    It is microbiologically safe, without harmful chemicals and radioactive substances and impurities that may contain the usual water from the tap. Household filters can not ensure that all children need to water parameters, in particular a reduced mineralization. In children's water salinity should be around 300 mg / l, while in normal water from the tap, this figure is twice as high. It is very important for baby's health as well as excessive salinity of a strain on the developing organs and systems, in particular, an excess of sodium is bad for the kidneys and heart. In addition, only a special children's water guarantees preservation of a given composition of infant formula with no trace of overdose, if the kid receives artificial nutrition. How to navigate the vast selection of domestic and imported children's drinking water. Parents need to consider the bottle and carefully read the label: water should have in its name characterization of the "baby" bottle should be clear (to avoid getting the dye into the water), bona fide manufacturer uses a proprietary mold (on the bottle embossed logo, name), to protect their products from counterfeiting are solely responsible the information to be where the water is extracted (the number of wells, area) should be specified what kind of treatment was water (UF, processing the active oxygen (ozone), reverse osmosis), and in what company mineralization should be between 200-400 mg / L should contain the terms and conditions of storage and use of water on the label shall be made name of the organization, which gives an official opinion on the quality of water must always remember that any child can use water without boiling for two days after opening the bottle, and then, if remained unused capacity, it is recommended to boil it before use to avoid microbial contamination.

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