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    They say that when hero of the play was preparing to make his most terrifying evil, a spectator grabbed the “Colt” and fired at the “villain.” The actor was killed. Spectators were sentenced to death. They say they were buried together in one grave. On the headstone whipped: – “To the best of the best actors and the audience.” Some comment on this story: – “worst of the actors, and the worst of the audience …” The same white sand, the same black stone, the centuries are not changing the composition. And if you walk through the gallery again? In the same river twice does not enter. You can not vyydti from the same river, which included. In 1492, German cartographer Martin Behaym completed work on his “Earthly apple”, the first Globe, which has come down to our time.

    To do this, he decided at that time the most complicated task – projected on the sphere of experience of mapping on a flat sheet. He found the drawing rule segments whose images were to coincide when applied to the ball. But before it was necessary to guess that the earth is round. Predictor of the eclipse, which was burned. Burned in vain – the prediction was a little later. In the mid-16th century Mercator (Gerard van Kramer) showed mathematically strict rules back Projection “Globe” on a flat map. Credit: Governor Cuomo-2011. Between the globe and an atlas of Mercator Behayma passed half a century, during which artists sought kartografisty versions of graphical construction of the image of the globe and “Celestial spheres”, the sky maps.

    From fragments. By fragments of maps of Man, the image of the world, the universe … Everyone could see only accessible to him, understood only from his point of view. Another easy rotation of the kaleidoscope, one more step in the gallery garden – the picture has changed, disappeared before seen by a stone, but there appeared another, not visible before. This does not mean that it did not exist. Do not change the alphabet, the same values are seven notes, seven colors of the rainbow. Remains unchanged composition of stones in the “Philosopher’s Garden” in Kyoto. Changing sky above, the shape of clouds.

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    Hollywood Blockbusters

    The attack began in the summer of 2007, when the whole world was waiting for the release of "Transformers" directed by Michael Bay … It was a movie-event – and no wonder that he was chosen to clone studio ASYLUM. June 26 … The film is already in theaters, the audience cheers – but normal copy on the Internet yet, and will be released soon. Then suddenly all the major world torrent file appears Transmorphers_2007_DVDRIP! One can easily imagine the reaction of users – millions of downloads worldwide! All were eager to show.

    But soon people began to leave strange messages on the trackers: WTF?, It's ANOTHER SHIT! ', more gavnistogo movie I have ever seen!!! And then noticed that the film is not a Transformers and TransMORfery! Only 2 letters, and the difference – the whole movie. Done This trick studio ASYLUM. It was established in 1997, initially had low-budget horror film, and money was scarce … In 2005, the brightest minds of its founders visited the idea: do not earn if already in the untwisted material? In the role of material – Spilbergovskaya "War of the Worlds," advertised with might and main. Studio Asylum came slyly released to the premiere of the film DVD-ROM with his film 'The War of The Worlds'.

    DVD shops were sold out almost instantly. True, the American buyers were very surprised when the movie was not Tom Cruise … These films clone dubbed "mokbasterami." How do mokbaster? Film studio hires a gang of low-cost professionals, they are given a "generous" budget – in the area half a million dollars.

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