Successful Films

    As every year, there were a number of new movies 2010, but only a few made it to be really successful. Again, a year has passed and we can look back on a number of films that came in the cinemas in 2010. Had many a film such as kick-ass and Scott Pilgrim vs. the world deserves success, this did not materialise at the box-office, however. Here we want to not this sad examples turn to but, but the films that were 2010 particularly successful.

    2010 is particularly striking, the movies, who soon put on 3D were successful. 3D movies have benefited in the first and second quarter of 2010 from the half-baked avatar-induced, in the course of the year, interest fizzled at the audience or significantly. From there benefited movies with clever ideas or but animated films. Remakes and many sequels had it, however, is often difficult. Many supposed blockbuster like Robin Hood, the voyage of the Dawn Treader and also the A-team remained far behind expectations. 1st place: Toy Story 3-1,063 million $ seat 2: Alice in Wonderland – 1024 Million $ place 3: Harry Potter and the Deathly of Hallows – part 1 – 863 million $ seat 4: inception – 825 million $ seat 5: forever Shrek – 740 million $ you can find more information and a larger overview of the most successful films of 2010 and the best movies of all time on and of course the takings of many other films.

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