The Heat Method – ABC Method

    The Save to list of various things is now easy – this routine helps the here presented simple method with the heat you’re automatically using both hemispheres of the brain with the help of images and create contexts the activity of both hemispheres of the brain is promoted and the note is very simple and effective. Because it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female sex. Consider this process as a type of tool. You know, I use a picture of an abstract concept for my part (method = tool). I’ve done that certain purpose, ultimately I would like to, that you both know what you read here, you! The heat is a link from the Locimethode of the ancient Greeks (Merk worthy in certain places on a way to drop in a place) and the ABC method based on Birkenbihl (Merk worthy of an alphabetically ordered list to hang) method.

    Used in the context of Locimethode to certain objects that reside in a known place (E.g. on the way of the educational institution) as a hook or anchor. On these items now linked the word-to-remember, the line of the poem, the Geschichtszahl or hung to stay on our image to the hook. A similar approach is there within the framework of the ABC method. Alphabetical terms (E.g.

    things from school) qua hooks used in this case, that you also may hang on something. I figured out lists 26 categories of heat, which incidentally also alphabetically structured, and they as drawings on paper. If you’re using one of the lists, you just walk from A to Z and thus have an ordered sequence of things you hung on the hook. Since the images also have the corresponding word (eg. “Gallery of ancestors”, “Fountain” or “China room” at the Castle list) stands, working with it at the same time your left and your right brain. This is absolutely effective. You will take note of it! Each walk consists of 25 or 26 alphabetically ordered hook frames as a result 24, (every now and then Miss x and y). Append you now anything a line of the poem, a joke, a particular term, a digit or an integer, an event or an item you want to buy soon or an activity, the you these days still do want to. Maybe a joke. More often, you do the easier a short journey through that list, it will be you to remember everything again. Here you can find method more over the heat and quickly appropriated this tool to the slight note of various things to friends.

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