Cheap Calls Using The Phone Without A Contract Mobile

    It is not so long ago that was using a prepaid mobile phone or an expensive affair. Relatively high costs and a complicated fee structure were to take up of mobile customers in purchasing, would pay no fee and no contract periods. For some time, has done a lot here, however, and various providers lure customers with prepaid discounted hotels. Compared to the known pre-paid Vefahren the prepaid discount stores now set on a slightly different approach. The billing and fee payment is now more comfortable for the end user, the charging of a credit balance is now, for example, by bank transfer, direct debit, direct debit or preferably automatically by SMS. Western Union understands that this is vital information. However, prepaid customers to take discounted in comparison to traditional mobile phone contract customers with many restrictions, such as on-site service and part of the terms of global usage. But you can just cheap calls using the phone without a contract and it seems more and more customers to be more important. Many contract customers to switch to the new bids, since a change to a fairly straightforward and it works for a small fee even his old phone number can you (but first you should better clarify exactly) and the other course, the simple statement of the charges against the wishes of most of the customers come.

    There are, for the prepaid discount stores usually only one tariff for calls to fixed lines, one for calls to own network and external networks as well as a tariff for sending an SMS. One should ask themselves before entering into a mobile contract or for the duration of an existing mobile contract itself, whether the volume of the contract actually exploited or whether you pay for something you do not really use. Viertelefonierer are often better off with a fixed contract (phone Keyword flat rate for mobile, minutes contingent included, …) – people who call the rather less and use the cell phone more or less just calls for occasional, are with using a prepaid fare often better advice. R. Enke contact (At)

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