Recovering Deleted Work

    There are times when you did not have a system backup and you, for whatever reason have lost important information. Do not despair, our experts will help you in this situation. When you delete a file via the operating system is only the transformation of information about the existence of the file data itself remains, as long as they will not have written something else. To restore data using the residual information about the location parts files on disk. Based on this assumption is based on the location of the data, according to which the transfer files to other media. Probability of successful recovery of deleted files depends on the size, arrangement of their parts, and also because he and how much is written to disk after removing them. Perhaps the recovery of files: flash recovery or data recovery cd – this is one of the most painstaking, complex, and expensive services. True, in some cases, the price of the remote information is much higher than pay for its restoration.

    To successfully recover deleted files, we use the latest technology. They are in the use of hardware and software, extensive experience of masters to work with faulty drives and develop their own methods of data recovery. Our recommendations are successful recovery of deleted files often depends on how the files are stored on disk: continuous (unfragmented) or were divided into parts (fragmented), and how much information was recorded on this section after the removal of documents and folders. Fragmented files can usually be restored only partially, and un-fragmented – completely. Even if it were held to format a partition as a whole, but it still did not record the information and do not create new sections and rewritten file system, information can be restored with a 99% probability. If you need to recover data from hard drive: folders, files or partitions, you must do the following: 1. nothing to write on this section 2. Do not attempt to recover the information 3. turn off your computer 4. transfer hard drive to experts.

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