David Cameron

    For the scientific lovers of science and tests that they demonstrate or they sustain the veracity of the facts, this article is based on the book " A full happy pocket of dinero" of David Cameron, in which it is explained of simple way why scientifically we can say that the thoughts are things, and if the thoughts are things our thoughts on we can turn them to money into tangible things. The world in that we lived creates of certain way. Many people do not understand how east world is created, moment at moment, exactly. In fact very few people understand how every moment is created. To understand how our world is created and you exact roll in this creation, is what must begin sacarte of that trap of suffering and shortage for introducirte to the freedom and the abundance. Many winning physicists of the Nobel prize have recently tried beyond all doubt that our physical world is the great ocean of energy that blinks inside and outside the existence in a fraction of second, time and time again. Nothing is solid. This it is the world of the quntica physics.

    They have tried who the thoughts are those that always place and maintain together east money changer energy field to turn it into " objetos" that we see. Our thoughts are connected to this energy and determine what this energy forms taking. The thoughts literally change the universal particle to particle to create your physical life. Sight around yours. Everything what time has begun like an idea, an idea that grows as it is expressed and shared, until it grows too much and one becomes a physical object through numerous passages of " manufactura" or " crecimiento". Literally you become which you think with more frequency. Your life becomes which you have imagined and in which you have believed with more frequency.

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