Fetal Complications

    The studies realised at world-wide level until now, they have concluded that these levels diminish the risks of fetal complications like the macrosoma and respiratory difficulty and will as much mejorn the fetal prognosis as maternal as far as their chronic complications. . The angular stone of the treatment, it is the Plan of Feeding, which must be calculated of such form, that it allows that it drinks acquires a weight and suitable development, without causing uncontrol in the glucose levels in the mother, This is obtained by means of an feeding: adapted, balanced, sufficient, balanced and innocuous (basic laws of the feeding). When the feeding plan is not sufficient to logar the goals of the suitable control of the glucaemia, or when severe uncontrol of the same exists (greater glucaemia of 140 mgs) the medical treatment is with insulin Exist many schemes, types and ways to apply insulin, the ideal scheme must take into account: the weight and stature of the individual (Index of corporal mass), degree of metabolic uncontrol, is present at of hypoglucaemias, schedules of feeding, attachment to the diet. Personal activities, routines of exercise etc. In our hospital we have the conduct to administer to Intermediate insulin NPH or + fast insulin (or lispro) 2 or times to the day (before having breakfast and having dinner), with first we managed to maintain more or less stable insulin levels throughout the day, and with the second type of inulin we avoided the posprandiales glucose tips, that as well it is known, are the people in charge of the macrosoma in the baby. For being a pregnancy of high risk, the resolution of the pregnancy is realised of programmed way enters week 38 39, previous valuation of the fetal pulmonary state by means of the extraction of lquido amniotic of the mother (Amniocentesis). .

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