The Codes

    Using generic and homogeneizantes categories, as people and nation, the populist governing proclaimed the harmony between the classrooms and the social peace as necessary conditions to well-being social generality. (Adapted of: RODRIGUES, Marly. The decade of 50.) The Codes of 1965 and 1975, had occurred in full period of the Military dictatorship, and of 1986, in the period of reopening politics, if to compare the moments and the historical reality, of each code with the reality current politics, can denote that, the social scene and current politician, present innumerable inaqualities, and a State devastated for the corrupao politics, that has become the honest democracy, almost an utopia. The ethics in a so unjust and exculpatory society practically if have become inexistent, the brsileira society meet in a collapse between the ethics, the moral and the too much values, that would have to become gifts. In our life in society it has many yearnings, to be faced of front. However, what we see in the reality is something very different, the majority them politicians, use the power that is conferred to it, in proper benefit and opposite to defend the right of the population, finish defending its proper interests, as he evidences one of charges, the politician tries to any cost, to cut the ribbon, with exclusive intention only of if passing as the well-administrator, bonzinho, being nor there for the population chose that it, is not as if the voter alone was remembered in the hour of the vote. Our society compels in them to coexist daily, with the individualities politics, the parlamentarista egocentrismo, beyond an invisible representation, transforms our society into a contradictory and exculpatory sphere, therefore that the notion of collective in our country, almost that in its totality it is inexistent. Another question to be displayed, is the fact of that in its great totality, the laws come ready, the routes of the economy is taken inside by the cabinets and in the presented ones as solution, almost nothing is argued public, is important in giving account to them of that the change possibilities are bigger when the society if organizes and participates actively of the politics, is of the indifference of the individuals, that is born the authoritarian politics, corruption and plus an enormous hunger of problems and forms of disobedience. .

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