Creativity and Expression

    It becomes very difficult to create something truly new, to see things in an original way. In short, creativity is not as abundant among the people in general. But the shy person has talent even if they did not have discovered. Their relative isolation has had a better chance of preserving its unique character without contamination, originality and can take directions that new and sometimes revolutionary. Many of the geniuses of science and the arts, for example, people were very withdrawn. Shyness gives an overview of the original things. But it is not just the benefits of shy people.

    Discretion and reliability are other qualities that characterize them. Are not very communicative and perhaps why they are reserved and good at keeping secrets. They feel no urgency to say what they know. Shy people tend to keep things to themselves and therefore are not reporting good news. Discretion and the ability to keep secrets are rare qualities.

    Shy people have them. They are also people who tend to be serious, are stable with their interests and friendships. They are able to work without needing external stimuli to do so. They emit their own light as it could be said. Many of them complain about their lack of courage, but being bold is not always good. Boldness becomes necessary only rarely, in the rest of them, is paid with failure. So prudence is also a virtue of which shy people are not lacking. They think things through before taking them out. And so they have fewer opportunities for error. This is another of the reasons that sometimes succeed where others fail. Many shy people, they speak little, give the impression of being people smart. And of course, often are. They are imaginative and quite observers. It is not uncommon to find among them artistic trends and scientific acumen. But they are also very critical. So they can find bugs for the rest of the people go unnoticed. Another of his special abilities is being able to spend much time together without being disturbed. That’s why we are very valuable to perform tasks that require little to do with people and isolation such that extroverts would not stand without falling into a panic attack. Shyness has advantages even for relationships. It seems unexpected that statement, note that there are plenty of people who are fascinated by the timid. And come to feel a strong attraction to intriguing people humble introvert. Shy people have a very special way of showing his affection. And once you commit to someone, usually very deep and stable. Of everything that can be drawn several conclusions. But one of them is that shyness should not be denied in itself. Actions should aim to overcome the deficiencies imposed. Provided that at the same time preserve and encourage some of its virtues.

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    President Hugo Chavez

    Most significant is the number of managers who occupy that position for various reasons, ranging from the familiar, friendship, political commitments, others. Of course, all this has affected the development and operation of the company, often wasted human capital, integration of work teams, specifically the human resource, apart from not having appropriate administrative systems to ensure efficiency, productivity. Managers, which does not motivate your staff, they ignore the relevance of this scope can be achieved by making use of what generates the proactive leadership, charismatic integrate known working groups, provide everything necessary for these to identify with their work, provide their skills, abilities, skills that lead to achieving the objectives. Of course, all this is added an external factor that has left a lot to say in recent years, both by universities, business schools have not correctly defined the managerial leadership of this by providing training, knowledge, to changes by the current government of President Hugo Chavez in favor of establishing the so-called Socialism of the XXI Century, which has affected companies in their operations, following its policy, disengagement with the productive sector, lack of programs, plans that integrity and economic uncertainty, lack of support that happened to benefit the country’s productivity, making it less dependent on imports, enable SMEs in such a way that rescues the production of goods to meet demand domestic consumers at an affordable price in the purchase of products and services. Graduates of schools of Directors of the national universities leave much to say in relation to knowledge is taught, many of them anchored to the scenarios of the past, forgetting to impart what this requires.

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    All The Fun of Christmas

    This was the period in which traders take advantage of to earn the income they have failed in the rest of the year. The Chinese learned to write “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” in all languages to meet global demand. The snow, pine trees and mosses are abundant in the houses and shops in the tropics and southern hemisphere, despite being in the summer with high temperatures and lush greenery. Those responsible for buying gifts, they are frustrated when they realize they can not please request a letter excited. They would do wonders for the budget available to them for the whole family. Often prefer not to give, to give away “bit.” The recipients of the gifts may appreciate forced an unwanted gift or repeated. But there is something more dangerous than the simple exchange of gifts, and when it confuses children, putting on the same scale the price of gifts, with affection. Many parents feel guilty for not being able to satisfy the desires of their children, and are relieved when they shift the blame to them responsible, through their behavior, how big or small the present. They say, “If you behave there will be no Christmas,” “if you do not get good grades in school …” And worst of all is that such blackmail is to reach the budget or to get more resources for other expenses. The heartbreak is measured by the price of the gift. You must have the strength to not get carried away by the tide of the year-end commercial and flood the environment with family friendly pleasant moments of sincere and affectionate words that are the basis for achieving all desires.

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    Arrogance In Politics

    Leibniz believed in his work that everything is perfect and live in the best of worlds, Voltaire in his “Candide” made fun of extreme optimism that can not see the reality and therefore can not improve, at least transform, … and that is teaching! Today we see in the country Presidents, Ministers, Regional Presidents, Mayors, Congressmen arrogant, proud, starring infamous acts of arrogance for people to think like them, owners of a disordered desire of being preferred to others, politicians who find satisfaction and conceit by contemplation others do their work, events, speeches, in defiance of the other E l Dr David Owen, Medical, Political, Lord, former Health Minister, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, currently Rector of Liverpool University has studied this phenomenon that does not belong to Trujillo, Peru and says no … “the domain of power causes changes in mental status and can lead to arrogant behavior …” and said many more things is required to read his book and in Sickmess In Power! (Illness and power) to understand these people who are basically mental health patients and should be helped Owen in the Foreing affairs (December 2008) adds that mental illness may need to include a redefinition Syndrome of Arrogance and give a number on the International Code of Diseases-ICD-means that some politicians in the scent of power, the cohort of flatterers, the perks, the goodies, the benefits of the sick, makes them arrogant, proud and haughty so much so that risk governance of a nation, because although the Lithium helps control some Manic Depressive disorders still do not have a drug that helps to control the states of arrogance and haughtiness. Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland Professor of Surgery at Yale University has proposed in New Haven, Connecticut, that the Heads of State should, to assume command Presidential waive medical privacy and Physicians who treat should suspend its duty of confidentiality Doctor / Patient (the so-called privilege) for the welfare of the country, safeguarding the interests of the people who ultimately must be the sole and proud sovereign power and authority to change laws and appointing authorities. Rulers with Manic Depressive disorders and / or Hubris Syndrome … Your days are numbered! .. Beigene is likely to increase your knowledge.

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    Superior Studies

    Dynamic page, very visited and which served also to support students in pursuit of their work, research on everything that involves management science. Unfortunately, the directive College does not value, scope and feel that their living expenses (a ridiculous sum of 25 000 Bs, for the time) was not feasible for the College, but if it is for parties, sporting competitions in the background are not conducive to the serious issues to be covered by the College in its academic, research, service. He also helped the College with the participation of teachers, students rated the development of many solutions to problems that the business sector in the region had and still maintains. Aspect, which unfortunately was abandoned, not taken very seriously by its leadership, and the opportunity that was extended through the Technological Institute of Superior Studies of Monterrey, Mexico to offer this master's degrees, graduate programs on-line exclusive for members of the College, opportunity squandered its president and board of directors, despite efforts to introduce ITESN authorities towards this project. Specifically, the Board of Trustees, if we are concerned that of Carabobo, has been marginalized by the reality that business demand, especially from professionals such as managers who can provide many solutions. It has not taken advantage of, or play its role in relation to the universities, though, have missed the offer, collaborative graduate program quality management and productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo, has been promised dynamic collaboration, not only with advice, training, training of these specialists, but to give them the opportunity to join him. They also offered assistance through their teachers to work together for the dissemination of current management topics that dominates modern economic scenarios successful stakeholders to enroll in the program, to integrate efforts for disclosure administrative science according to the Venezuelan reality through seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops, research. Unfortunately, such offers have not been considered lost a great opportunity towards the rescue of a college that today more than ever present great opportunities, if you really envision their directors, union members and intend to seize them.

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    Understnading Why We Forget

    With the integration of disciplines as psychology, physiology, neurophysiology, pharmacology, morphology, or molecular biology, among others, you can understand part of the malfunction of some of these systems in degenerative diseases suchas Alzheimer’s or Pick-Korsakov, and traumatic, cerebra-vascular, or infectious. The results of functional studies have revealed that both the number of structures involved, as the network of neural connections involved, the neuro-anatomical, psychological and neuro-psychological memory are very complex, thus not fully explained. So the diseases that affect memory can be caused by an impairment that will cause organic or psychological. Amnesia, confabulation, agnosia, apraxia, aphasia and hypermnesia are some of these diseases. Connect with other leaders such as Western Union here. From the psychological point of view, although there are different explanations for the amnesia, at present, which seems to be more relevant is the proposal by Mayes (1988). Suggests that the amnesia is a deficit in the use of contextual information. There is a distinction between intrinsic context, which should be recalled, and the outside context, incidentally what happened when I was learning something. The latter refers to time-space attributes.

    According to studies, the difficulties that seem to show the amnesiac in memory of the outside context would hinder the memory of implicit context. From a neurological point of view, it was found that the temporal lobe is related to the functions of storage and retrieval of information. It is a brain area that has suffered few changes during the evolutionary process of mammals and contains two main structures that modulate declarative aspects of memory.

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    Personal Strategic Planning

    I have some questions for you – What if we as individuals adapted and used some of the same proven processes and methods that have given companies the advantage they need to succeed in its competition? My sense is that understood and implemented correctly professionals would be able to gain the competitive advantage it. Surprisingly, this is not too complicated or new and I can not take credit for their development. But I can not (and will) credit for suggesting it out of the boardroom and adapt it for their personal use to achieve greater personal and professional success. This classic business tool is the process of Strategic Planning. Consider what you could accomplish if you have a clear vision of its short-term and long term, understanding that the biggest growth opportunity is now and where will be in five years and had a plan of action with effective measures for evaluation .. That is what a strategic plan can do for you. It’s like using a map for understanding best way to get across town knowing that others are several options, but some are more direct and efficient below. Strategic Planning is a deliberate intention that the progression of thought when implemented, will ensure its success.

    I have taken the process broken into five steps. The first is the Vision? the sense of what you need to know the principle on which you want to end. Create a vivid mental picture of their future and the list of the specific results you want to accomplish. The second piece in the process is being prepared – strategically. To be strategic should be calculating, deliberate and intentional.

    We’ve all heard the saying that knowledge is power, so this is the way to “power-up! Strategically incorporates the preparation of research, resources and identification of possible options in a wide range of concerns. As with a business plan, a plan of individuals should include a SWOT analysis. This step is critical because it identifies your “Strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. “Bearing in mind also an effective SWOT analysis can not develop without looking outside of yourself (or your company) to consider external conditions, such as industry and market conditions, technological developments, the available resources, potential opportunities, basic skills and globally. Step three involves creating your action plan. On the basis of what he knows now, what to do and how to do it. The fourth step is all about implementation. As Nike says “Just Do It.” Step five requires the ability to evaluate and adjust. This will not only help you to stay the course, but that promote continuous learning and improvement. Jeannette Kraar, president of Performance Management International is the leading trainer and a highly acclaimed trainer, speaker and consultant. Hundreds of PMI clients have succeeded even in the most turbulent times. Jeannette is the author of progress, the work of my hatred we need a life.

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    Some Tips In Case Of Accident

    If the vehicle is otherwise responsible, it is always filled the part of those two friendly drivers have an accident in the same scene, describing clearly how the collision occurred, where damages are located in the vehicles and both drivers signing the bottom of it. In this way we will avoid, as often happens to only exchange data, otherwise we accept the driver guilty ‘in situ’, but then the version explaining in part to his company differs, saying that the fault of another . It is very convenient to take data from some other drivers or pedestrians who witnessed the accident, if necessary, to appear in the future as a witness. In case of injury or otherwise to note that the driver is under the influence of alcohol, or not accepted its responsibility and refuses to leave your name and your, or simply have not recognized, suggest that you request a police presence and appropriate medical assistance, to lift the appropriate crowded in his day will also serve as evidence. Should have damage or injury existed, or only injuries as a result of the collision, we recommend using the professional via pair claim through the interposition of the corresponding report, for which there is a period of 6 months from the date of accident . If only caused material damage to vehicles or injuries were so minor that did not require medical or surgical treatment, or end the professional via file or acquittal may be required for civil via what’s available within a year from the date of accident or since the end of professional proceedings, if necessary.

    Whenever possible it is advisable to use the track in front of the civil penalty, as it allows to obtain evidence which can then be used in civil proceedings, if not succeed in the criminal. For example, we get a forensic medical report clearly identify the extent of the injuries, days in which it has been unable to perform ordinary activities, or without being incapacitated it took time to heal, etc., can also be know the ownership of a vehicle was involved in the accident through submissions to the DGT; access the content of the statement raised by the Police Authority, etc, and all this for free. From always on, having a maximum period of 7 days according to law, unless a larger set your policy. Discuss the policy driven, your vehicle, because if you have legal expenses cover, may freely appoint a barrister and solicitor of their choice, which is responsible for the claim of damages, without necessarily accepting professionals. Also see if you have travel insurance coverage, it is often very useful when repairing the vehicle, its transport to the city where you live, cover the cost of hotel accommodation while the vehicle is repaired, all according to the conditions and limitations set forth in the policy. If the policy of occupancy has, people traveling with you is also possible to obtain an allowance under this cover of occupants, subject also received from the insurer of the vehicle that brought the opposite accident. And lastly, no obligation to consult experts and professionals specialized in advising companies, defend and assist the driver in any situation, obtaining the necessary advice.

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    The Pilates Method Attract More And More Athletes

    According to IBGE, Brazil is estimated that the number of elderly people increased 16 times, based population between 1950 and 2025. So it is 11 times higher growth than the rest of the population. Thus, interest in consumer habits and lifestyle of the elderly is increasingly important, emerging as a matter of general interest. Click beigene ltd for additional related pages. Improved health and self esteem of the public are among the topics discussed by contemporary society. Among the physical activities that stand out as public preference for the elderly is the Pilates Method, developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, which operates fitness exercises and mental exercises the body in full, with teams and strengthen muscles joint harmoniously, providing strength, stretching and flexibility. Exercises are adjusted according to the physical capacity of each student, taking into account the limits of every practitioner in order to compose a method of individual and exclusive.

    For Alice Becker, a pioneer in spreading the Pilates Method and its expansion throughout South America, and in turn President of the company Physio Pilates, the fact that the exercise is conducted in a personalized way is the main reason why the modality is gaining more and more, the public’s preference for the elderly. The elderly, who are more interested in maintaining the physical form, are interested in the Pilates Method for improving self-esteem also the practitioner who gets to exercise that he believed no longer be qualified. The benefits are even greater, with the help of Pilates people state, in a short time of training, a relief from body aches, muscle strength and improving body balance, among other benefits. Due to the high aims for classes in their studies, the company Physio Pilates created a program directed exclusively to the public of the elderly, the Active Aging – active aging. According to Alice Becker, president of Pilates Physio Company – a pioneer in spreading the Pilates method in Brazil and present in the country since 1991, The proposed program is to improve all areas of life physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectual, social and professional.

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    Sporting Culture

    What is sports culture? Do we notice it in our daily lives? Does it affect in any way so that our children get into sports? Are we model for them? Having and practicing a basic sports culture, is an issue that very often play with the school’s students and no longer astonishes me that the kids tell me that very few parents who come out to play with them or engage them a little of their time on Saturdays or Sundays. The fact take a walk, run or play any sport in itself helps us to feel better, not only encourages us in our health care but also allows us to feel more relaxed, more motivated to perform our work, we improve mood, but what percentage of time we give to the practice of sports and sport eye not only means going to a gym, or playing soccer or volleyball, it is true that not everyone has the ability to to practice any of the sports mentioned, but the mere fact of walking for 20 minutes helps a lot, and many will say but I walk most of the day, what more walking , if but walking without pressure to do so in a way relaxed, making a correct breathing, will benefit because they have no idea.

    Of course, we live in a world of pressures, where the competition is overwhelming and that is blinking on the way, is true, but it is also important to realize that I do for my health and the health of my family, am a model for them in the sense that my children see me do some sport , it is amazing to see the number of school children who have no coordination, or who simply do not like to jump or perform any activity requiring physical exertion, I that work and the concerns we win very often. but if not true to many of us prefer to see our little game of football or watch the series of the novel or in many cases see the program Magali Medina, which in my opinion does not bode well, and what our children see that . Expert advice from . There is no sports culture in our daily lives, this is note about how our society is the duty of our school and physical education teachers to promote sport as the benefit to our health and our children.
    The school Canevaro Caesar has noticed the lack of physical activity and sport for many parents and that’s why when you start the month of November begins with a space on Saturday or Sunday mornings for parents to relax and practice activities such as hiking, aerobics, football or volleyball and promote sport as part of our daily tasks. Keep in mind parents that it is never too late to decide to have a heart and a healthy body! Add physical activity to your life and your family. .

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