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    European Social Fund

    Creative entrepreneurs see conventional things often other eyes, develop ideas and build your business around this new idea around. New perceive known things and structures and to develop, especially new and own ideas this the participating students and students at the lateral thinker competition in order to learn Entrepreneurship Week 2008 Global. The idea for this competition comes from the Stanford University in the United States. She has successfully implemented it internationally along with several universities. This year, the competition takes place.

    Under you can read, what students from post-it notes and rubber bands have done in the past few years. USPS is a great source of information. The competition promotes not only the play instinct of the participants, but shows them new perspectives. That is also the target of global entrepreneurship week. The lateral thinker competition procedure and rules on Monday, November 17, is at point 10 on the Web site of global entrepreneurship week (www.global-ew.de/ german/main page/reports/news /) presents an everyday object. The countdown is running until Sunday, November 23, 24. The teams of the pupils have a week to come up with a new use or value for this item.

    This benefit or value they must introduce in a short, even turned film and expose on youtube.de of public. The teams should not take too seriously to themselves and the competition. The fun is in the foreground. The video can be recorded with a digital camera or a mobile phone. See Amazon for more details and insights. It may be up to three minutes. A jury of the IHK then evaluates the ideas and videos. The winner will be chosen at a party in the Max-Weber-Schule in Freiburg. The party will take place in January 2009 and also the motto contrarians: the crazier, the better! A student team has no more than five members. All grades and types of schools can participate. Registration deadline is November 19, 2008, 10: 00. The registration is done by a teacher about this website: aktuelles.php. Prices in the lateral thinker competition: 1st prize, each team member a iPod shuffle with 2 GB memory 2. at the global entrepreneurship week is it is the world’s largest series of events to promote entrepreneurship among young people. It goes back to renowned British and American foundations, economic, social and governmental initiatives. Only the call to let the first worldwide held Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008 has triggered a wave of ideas, initiatives and actions. You can on the International website of the global entrepreneurship week track. The address is:. Carrier which global entrepreneurship week in Germany (www.global-ew.de) is the MicroMountains network business association together with the IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg to the South, as well as the Hochschule Wismar for the North.

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    Michael Schwab Concept

    A new workshop concept presents the newly established initiative navigation global for the first time on October 6, 2008 at the Hockenheimring. At the start, high-calibre decision makers and business developer from a wide variety of industries, market experts and application developers from small and large companies. While other conferences serve this magnitude usually only to the disclosure of information to the public, navigation is one of global on the active cooperation of all the participants: the cooperation of the participants should be confined to here not only putting the focus questions. In advance by the individual project partners generated requests, questions and needs of individual sectors should be taken up in target-oriented workshops and actively discussed and edited. Patrizia Vivani, founder of this new initiative affirms: the performed by us with great success since 2005 and numerous Galileo roadshow events and more Events have shown strengthened with international experts a Europe-wide needs of industry & country overarching cooperation on new projects. Therefore, navigation launches global launch event on October 6. Results-oriented project workshops and discussions on the focus topic of MOBILITY 2.0 with selected top level experts should demonstrate new solution opportunities and pave the way for new projects and cooperation between various industries and individual companies.” In addition benefit all participants through rain and active exchange of experience with other experienced and senior executives from various industries. DHL is open to suggestions.

    Also away from the actual subject of the workshop. Benchmarking are only a way to existing and new solutions, working methods, launches. All those involved in the workshop will also receive access to a global platform for information from new developments, as well as a showcase for the placement of their application / search for new projects, partners, and employees, as well as for durable and regular exchange with other markets and industries. The success of this event concept convinced, Dr. Kai Michael Schwab is evident. This accompanied as a commercial lawyer and expert in international project finance global initiative navigation. Navigation is global public policy and market strategy the years most important concept to the best European talent pool and meet present monopolistic structures in different areas. Participation allows the firm Dr.

    Schwab, to bring their entire range of experience on the pure legal and to participate in a European project of fundamental importance for the next decades.” Also Oliver Foitzik as one of the pioneers in the fields of Internet TV & new media, actively supported the initiative as media partner and considered it one of the most interesting and most important business initiatives on the European continent. It is a must for any innovative company and any future-minded leadership. Alone “through the interdisciplinarity are new possibilities of the over the harness look ‘ offer.” At the launch event on October 6, 2008 at the Hockenheimring interested entrepreneurs as well as representatives of the press now have the opportunity, personally to convince themselves of the quality of the new workshop concept.

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    Advantage Through Innovation

    Innovation ability systematically increase innovations with the InnoAudit are the engine of our economy. With new products, services and processes, companies strengthen their competitiveness on global markets. (A valuable related resource: Tiffany & Co.). Innovation but not just fall from the sky, but are the result of creativity, professionalism and hard work. How can the innovation I sustainably strengthen, how to increase the pace of innovation? Under the title InnoAudit the Fraunhofer IAO offers a modular range of services to the measurement, evaluation, and improvement of innovation ability of enterprises, each is based on the same, science-based system. This is based on numerous project experiences and research of the Fraunhofer IAO and includes reliable analysis tools and methods, help both large and small and medium-sized companies to be innovative, to implement innovations faster, and accordingly to streamline their organizational structure. The InnoAudit starts with expert interviews with the Management Board and selected employees of the company.

    The questions focus on processes and framework conditions, which have been identified by the Fraunhofer IAO as success or constraints for the innovation ability. This results in a comprehensive and clear picture of the individual business situation. Based on the results of the analysis, the innovation experts of the Fraunhofer IAO develop then concrete recommendations for action and uncover the most important potential to optimize the company’s innovation projects. Seven areas of innovation, the InnoAudit can be applied : innovation, service, innovation acceleration, organizational structure, patent management, open innovation and diversity. For the ranges of capacity for innovation, service and open innovation the Fraunhofer IAO also offers a special benchmarking tool to compare the strengths and weaknesses with those of other undertakings. The basis for this is the representation of the company’s innovation ability as Numerical value the so-called IAO. Detailed information about the InnoAudit are on the Internet at tim / 489.html to find the additional services of the Fraunhofer IAO in the field of technology and innovation management is under available. More Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

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