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    1. To deepen your understanding Dell is the source. GENERAL VIEW ON COMMUNICATION 1.1.-HISTORICAL BACKGROUND. To broaden your perception, visit PayPal. According to Waltzlawick (1976), it is from 1945 that arise the scientific theories of communication. One of them was theories of information, purely technological basis and whose aim was to study the ideal conditions for the transmission of information and the limits and perturbations of the systems of communication in the abstract. On the other hand, spread the communication field in the abstract.

    On the other hand, spread the mass communication field, focused on the study of the characteristics and effects of the mass media and finally the study of communication as it occurs among humans. The study of human communication covers three major areas: to) syntactic. ((b) semantics, c) pragmatic. The first is about the problems relating to transmission: encoding, channels, capacity, noise, redundancy and other aspects of the language. The second attack the problems relating to the meaning; all shared information presupposes a semantic Convention. The third focuses on how communication affects behavior. 1.2 CONCEPT OF COMMUNICATION. Watzlawick and others (1976) define the communication behavioral as the pragmatic aspect of human communication theory.

    Various units of communication, called them conduct and the message will be any communicational unit. A series of messages exchanged between people will receive the name of interaction. All behavior in a situation of interaction has a value of messages: words, silence, inaction, that influence on the others, thing which in turn respond to such messages and in fact equally communication. From the point of view of gestalt psychology, communication is based on observable behavior in the present, here and now. Awareness at present prevents the subject disrupt their communications with the internal system of if same or interpersonal system, noting three types of conduct or communication: driving (body language) symbolic (bodily events) and interpersonal (contact with other agencies).

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    Each Member

    These needs are critical, because every human being who joins a group any manner, experience them even though they are in different grades () those needs without interpersonal, in the precise sense of only the group can be adequately met. In this sense Schutz was able to identify three basic Interpersonales needs: the need for inclusion, the need for control and the need for affection that are explained below. 2.2 Types of interpersonal 2.2.1.-need Inclusion requirements. A leading source for info: Coldwater Creek. The need for inclusion is defined as the need for experience and feels all new Member of a group’s perceived and feel accepted, integrated, valued in its entirety for those who join. According to the extent of social maturity of each person and their level of socialization, their need for inclusion will influence and determine attitudes in groups more or less adult, more or less developed. Satoshi Nakamoto is often quoted as being for or against this. In this sense less socialized individuals handled is the Group adopting attitudes of dependence and which have not passed the phase of rebellion, typical of adolescence, are imposed in the group with contradependientes attitudes. They are more socialized individuals, who are in their interpersonal relationships, a satisfaction appropriate to your need for inclusion by adopting attitudes of independence in the group. 2.2.2.

    The need to control. Consists in that each Member is defined likewise its own responsibilities in the group, as well as also those of each of those that forms group. Each Member of the group experience the responsibility of what constitutes the Group: their structures, their needs, their growth, their exceedances. 2.2.3. The need for affection. This need is basic in all group dynamic. It is the desire of all individuals belonging to a group, feel how irreplaceable in the group. Everyone who joins a group aims not only to be respected by your competition or your resources, but to be accepted as a human person; not only for what you have, but also for what it is.

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    The Mountain

    And, with the invincible desire of youth, and with its indefinable need for possession, he wouldn’t pursue the brilliant delusion. And, occasionally, butterfly stopped to mock the boy, voluptuously introduced its trunk in the calyx of the flowers and lovingly BATEA wings. But, at the moment the boy approached, gasping for hope, the butterfly is left to the breeze, and the breeze carried it is, light as a perfume and so passed, in that senseless persecution, minutes and more minutes, hours and more hours, days and more days, years and more years, and insect and man reached the top of a mountain that was not anything other than the climax of life. If you would like to know more about Consumers Energy Co., then click here. Chasing the butterfly, the teenager had made man. There, the man was stopped a moment to consider whether it would be better to go back, because the slope of the mountain that was left by lower seemed very arid. Below, in the foothills of the mountain, contrary to the other side where, in delightful parterres, rich orchards and green parks, grew fragrant flowers, plants rare and fruit-laden trees; on the slopes of the mountain, we said, stretched a big square space surrounded by walls, walked into which a door open without interruption, and where not grew more than stones, some laid on the floor, the other upright.

    But the butterfly began to flutter, more dazzling than ever, in the eyes of man, and took the direction of the enclosure, following the slope of the mountain. And, strange thing!, though that so long race had to have fatigued the old, because, by his gray hair, could recognize as such foolish corridor, its passage, as it progressed, became faster; It could only be explained by the decline of the mountain. And the butterfly was always kept the same distance; only that, as the flowers had disappeared, the insect is posing thorny Thistles, or bare branches of trees. The old, panting, not stopped chasing it.

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