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    Dependency Drug

    In advanced states of addiction, nothing is as important as the addiction in itself. – THE DEPENDENCY: The dependency is physical and psychic the necessity that the patient experiments to be able to develop his daily life. The dependency, like uncontrollable process, begins with the use, soon it falls in the abuse and thus it is arrived at the drug addiction. Dependency is state psychic and sometimes physical caused by reciprocal action between organism alive and drug, that is characterized by changes in the behavior and other reactions that always an irrepressible impulse to take the drug in continued or periodic form, in order to undergo its psychic effects and sometimes to avoid the malaise produced by the deprivation. The psychic dependency is defined as a situation in which there is a satisfaction feeling and a psychic impulse that the administration regular and continued of the drug requires to produce to please or to avoid malaise. The physical dependency is defined as a state of adaptation that is pronounced by the appearance of intense physical upheavals when the administration of the drug or Compulsion interrupts themselves to consume in question drug periodically, to undergo positive an affective state (to please, well-being, euphoria, sociability, etc ) or to get rid of a negative affective state (boredom, timidity, stress, etc.).

    The psychological dependency is the really difficult thing to surpass in the process of becoming unaccustomed of an addiction. The drug has been gotten up to the metabolism of the subject. The organism has become accustomed itself the constant presence of the substance, in such a way that it needs to maintain a certain level in blood to work with normality. When this level descends below certain threshold appears the Syndrome of Abstinence characteristic of each type of drug. In those cases in which the substitution of the consumption of the habitual drug takes place on the other that produces similar neurophysiological effects settles down the term crossed dependency. .

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