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    Tinker games – the slightly different modules on the Klotzkies click Germany, painting, ready, go! Expressions, assemble and play: Klotzkies are building blocks made of corrugated cardboard. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Hikmet Ersek has to say. Who often helped with the move, know quickly how to put Klotzkies. The forms are pre-scored – so fiddling is child’s play. The natural material of stones allows the unleashing of imagination: just colorful coat, cover with paper, paint Windows and doors. If you want, which makes Klotzkies KLOTZBUNT! Although the modules are very easy, hold it up to 11 kg. Playing with Klotzkies is not only fun, but promotes also the fine motor skills. Ingo Graetz discovered the building blocks at a summer festival in 2008. He is so fascinated by this idea, that he was immediately made an effort, the production and distribution of Klotzkies to take over.

    Quickly, he comes with the inventor, Dr. Burow, into the conversation. An encounter that changed the life of learned merchant, the many years in major department store chains Computer games has bought and sold. “I took over the marketing of complete early 2009 the Klotzkies!” Today, he cares about the production in a small Berlin manufacture and sale. There is the creative building blocks now available on click-Germany – the large department store in the small manufacturer

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    Screen-based media are not the new media are always the best toys out of our lives, and especially in those of our children still barely get away to think. So, various game consoles are located in many households in addition to radio, TV and PC. The early school age children express the wish, an own TV in the bedroom is entitled to have, because a classmate has finally also a. So, after electronic entertainment devices supplant the toys from the nursery, which can have a negative effect on the social and mental development of children according to scientific studies, if one does not restrict the use. Assertiveness and resistance is still lacking for many parents, not to weaken the rules. It is much easier and therefore tempting for parents to bestow the freedom of the child, to determine when and how much it plays on the console and watch TV. Toys, with which you can learn and what stimulates the imagination of the child, ends up quickly in the corner and dusty. There are just toys, which without sounds and great electronic gadgets come out particularly valuable from a pedagogical perspective. The child learns to combine with colours and shapes and construct things, so that even basic principles of statics are playfully taught. The child called it, what can’t the television because you get everything served by him and must not further processed. The TV should therefore remain as long as possible away the nursery and the use by game consoles and handhelds are limited, to make a SideShow and not the focal point of the nursery.

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    Knowledge Of Children Lift:

    Elementary school exercise books “in” German and math Lernpsychologen confirm: knowledge is not a pre-made thing mediated solely by the teacher elementary school students in the school. The knowledge of children arises as a result of an active and constructive contribution that must be provided by the students themselves. To unlock this treasure, parents for the training access specifically in the afternoon learning AIDS. When the new basic school volumes in the series “Better in” (Cornelsen Verlag Scripturam gate, 10.95 EUR) appropriate, challenging tasks have been compiled for. These are thematically rich and always related to the life-world of the over three million primary school students. Dean gibson is often quoted as being for or against this. The four-color Cornelsen volumes in the DIN A4 format are appealing. On each 96 pages, they cover the basic areas of the English or math lessons of the third or fourth school year and take into account essential competence expectations of curricula. A 28 solution booklet is also stuck in every book.

    Thanks to the extra page with the kids as a reward for their work can stick detachable stickers colourful stars in the booklet. Each chapter ends with a short test, are again summarized the contents of the room. Parents can read about whether their children have understood everything or where still performance deficits. The authors are experienced primary school teacher and have collaborated in the creation of many teaching aids, training materials and books for the elementary school. More to the learning materials on the Internet under: besserin better (selection) price ISBN German primary school 3rd class EUR (D) 10.95 978-3-589-23047-1 German elementary school 4th class EUR (D) 10.95 978-3-589-23048-8 Mathematics elementary school 3. class EUR (D) 10.95 978-3-589-23049-5 mathematics elementary school 4th class EUR (D) 10.95 978-3-589-23050-1 which represents Cornelsen Verlag ready for every knowledge need the right offer. The publishing program includes textbooks, teaching aids, reference books, textbooks, software, E-learning and training events.

    The 1946 founded in Berlin Publishing is one of the leading publishers of educational media in Germany. The trade mark Cornelsen, Cornelsen Scripturam gate and people and knowledge are known at every school. 780 employees working on the development of high-quality educational media and implement this innovative learning and teaching methods and latest findings of media didactics.

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    Healthy Baby Food

    So you cook healthy mush for an infant baby food prepare – according to the recommendation of the Health Department should produced itself baby porridge in the first few months, regarding the ingredients, be manageable, so that the baby is slowly adjust to the new food and allergies are avoided. Prepare baby food – is gentle and vitaminreich recommended to use a steamer for the preparation of baby food. Recently dean gibson sought to clarify these questions. As a result, the ingredients are cooked gently and important nutrients are retained. Of course, you should use only the freshest ingredients. So that the body can utilize vitamins from vegetables, some (high-quality) oil in the diet should be included. With the transition to solid food, it often begins with a vegetable pulp from carrots. Later, you can add them then by potatoes, skip again later to a mash of vegetables, potatoes and meat, which is make sure that meat is cooked well.

    Additional diet tips for the preparation of baby food to get even by the midwife or the Health Department. Fruit juices provide the vitamin intake and the particularly important this vitamin C. However fruit juice not intended for continuous use, to calm the child, because that can lead to tooth decay by the constant sucking on the bottle, later. Useful are also tea – juice blends. From the 5th month, several manufacturers offer low juice from carrots, bananas, apples and pears that are manufactured without preservatives. Keep in mind, however, that fruit sugar in many infants can lead to diarrhea and bloating, are suitable only in very small amounts, depending on the tolerance, fruits and fruit juices. Good alternatives to juices are also hips and fennel tea, with the fennel soothing effect on the digestive system. When baby juice be sure that these are without added sugar.

    Healthy food for infants is important in the preparation of baby food, that you use no salt, sugar or other spices. Salt could the kidney damage and cause sugar to dental caries and indigestion. Babies are absolute gourmet. Its taste is distorted by spices & co, as it often does in adults. Therefore, treat your favorite experience, to get to know the taste of food and make you a perfect, healthy diet him. Of course should the food be initially very finely mashed offered, later the consistency may be even bigger. Of course, the food should be served not hot. The ideal temperature reach with a baby food warmer (for more, see zubehoer.org) who wants to go make sure that the food is at the right temperature, something like this is on the pulse of his own wrist. The temperature is not too hot, it is also good for the baby. Prepare baby food – their child through age-appropriate, healthy diet offer the opportunity to develop optimally healthy.

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    Frank God

    The result: Verbally he took barely, but increasingly bothered teaching. And that in turn reinforced his position as an outsider once again.” Nils psychological load modified the family situation. There were frequent clashes between Nils and his parents; but also among parents, a conflict has smoldered. Mother and father had differing views, as should be further dealt with Nils. The mother sought advice from the competent youth welfare office. The employee knew the educational compass and gave the address of the CJD Braunschweig Nile mother.” The prospect to live for a week in an alien environment with strangers and to learn met Nils with mixed feelings.

    Through the very detailed questions in the survey sheets that are sent out in advance of the week-long stay and general information about why and how the educational compass realized Nils that he would meet with great security, inter alia on young people, which, as he also, as “Outsider, only because they different” than their classmates. The CJD worker remembers: Nils arrived on a Sunday in May with us, he was pretty skeptical. But that’s understandable. He had developed a rather negative attitude towards everything related to school. But it was him that he can find an alternative to its deadlock a piece to remember hope.” Nils Fremdelei”was, like many other teenagers before him, on Monday evening over. The reason is obvious: for many was the classroom situation (maximum of 12 children in the class), teacher facing them and the fact that they are finally really required, the kick. You feel taken seriously, know also young people who have a similar background and similar experiences”, Frauke Meier added. Nils was the day two of the Education Compass”gas.

    The challenges for the participants during the week are manifold. It is not only the level of knowledge in the Majors asked. Intelligence diagnosis (to determine the intellectual talent of people) and the social skills are more important criteria, which result in a picture at the end. We deliver the image as expertise. “In you are all results of observations and tests the teenagers in a week Education Compass” traverses. I will give a few examples: behavior in the classroom. Perseverance, creativity; Self organisation; Life in the community; Willingness to abide by existing rules, behavior in the non-formal sector. At the end we see the individual competencies and support requirements of each participant. This gives us a comprehensive advice on further educational opportunities of students in the framework of a final conversation at the end of the week of Education Compass”and so we’re back at the beginning, with the compass, with which in the fog safely can be navigated. Knowing where I stand”, where is my child” is security for key decisions on the way the lives of young people. “And thus the education compass of the CJD Braunschweig is in line with the CJD motto: every child is about value.” Frank God sand large

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    Relatives and acquaintances of German babies lay the first important foundations for a relaxed and healthy year with your gifts to Christmas and the birth. The current feedback of pharmacists, midwives and birth houses confirmed to establish the vision of seated in Middle Hesse inkosmia GmbH & Cie. KG, successful innovations in the pharmaceutical market”and promises a successful and healthy year 2009. “Because the planned by Italian designer hand and with the oKO-TEX label confidence in textiles” excellent baby clothes collection amore al cubo is on your Erfolgsstorry now also in Germany. Visit the baby world in November measuring the linen collection amore got al cubo very good reviews. In addition to the preventive and protective skin properties, the excellent quality and the cute design are expressly praised. For more specific information, check out Amazon. The many small”sophisticated solutions, such as for example the now outside sewn-on and lovingly crafted fabric label which otherwise usually in mind and scratches, gratefully accepted and 99% at last!”comments. The entire collection of baby clothes is so highly valued that it is also recommended for children with skin irritated by atopic dermatitis or allergies.

    Pharmacists knew the product even before the German market from Italy and look forward, now finally to be able to offer this to their customers. Some of the pharmacies in Bavaria and Berlin, which al have amore cubo in the assortment plan even one extra day of baby in collaboration with inkosmia”or specifically created to parents additional advice to client newspapers are. And another positive chapter of in success story is that a half-day because of the large interest workplace in direct pharmacy care could arise. We look to build like this Department at still favourable Outlook. Finally, the question remains: you have already the right gift? No?Then you can visit the pharmacy of you can trust or our Web shop today. To learn what pharmacy amore al already in stock cubo, in the shop Finder at. Julia Bretthauer