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    Internet Coaching

    Coaching – a professional assist our clients in identifying and achieving them his personal goals in life, as well as in business. More information is housed here: Piraeus. Coaching involves conducting individual interviews coach and client – coaching sessions. Sometimes, to solve that an issue, only one coaching session, but more often it takes several sessions for a more thorough study of all aspects of the problem to be solved. Most often, coaching sessions are conducted in person, that is, in-person coach and client. Typically, such meetings take place in the coach's office or other convenient for the coach and the client's location. But such a session, with all its obvious advantages and has disadvantages.

    First of all, it's a waste of time. Time – is the main and irreplaceable resource everyone. Is not always the coach office and an office or place of residence of the client are in close proximity. This means that the time spent on the road can be very significant, that can not afford not everyone. Another major obstacle for the coaching – distance.

    The client is not always in one place and coaching session may need him at the time when he is in another city or even another country. In addition, the coach and the client at all may live in different regions. Then the possibility of personal meetings will generally be reduced to almost zero. To compensate for these shortcomings, there are other forms of coaching: coaching by phone and online coaching. In this case, the client can be almost anywhere – he need only have access to telephones or the Internet.

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