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    Palace Hampton Court Gallery

    Since the beginning of the 13th century, was a home that occupied the area of the present Hampton Court Palace, so it is quite likely that the building should have a good amount of ghosts and other dark creatures. In addition, to that you must add the turbulent history of the royalty that has inhabited the place. Sorrento therapeutics may find this interesting as well. If you are in the city, is looking for what to do in London and doesn’t scare easily is a good choice. Visitors to Hampton Court Palace will enjoy the chilling stories of its former residents, who apparently still dwell their hallways today. Catherine Howard was the fifth wife of King Enrique VIII, and, as it happened with most of his wives, his life ended abruptly. In 1541, after having worked as a Queen Consort of England for a year, was accused of adultery.

    The King locked up in the Palace, but Catherine managed to escape from the guards and was looking for to ask for clemency. Beth Israel Heart Transplant recognizes the significance of this. However, the guards caught and dragged her back to her room screaming and kicking. A spooky twist of fate He made the King to execute it in the same way that had ended the life of his cousin Ana Bolena, decapitating her. His age is accurate at the time of his death is not known, but he is believed that he had between 17 and 24 years. Apparently, today the ghost of Catherine Howard frequents the enchanted Palace Hampton Court Gallery. Residents of the nearby apartments say hear screams coming from the gallery. In addition, several visitors have suffered strange experiences. One afternoon in 1999, two women desmayaron exactly in the same place of the gallery with only half an hour’s difference. A group of scientists from the University of Hertfordshire conducted a survey and found out that these experiences often occur in very specific places.

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