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    End Adrian

    They chose the wrong way because it was believed most. Adrian and Tiffany Andrews McLibery end up in hell for wanting to take a shortcut to the start of class. According to a press release issued by the boys themselves from the underworld, the weather conditions there are worse given the unimaginable because "the heat is exhausting," and, separately, the Devil is a bastard of care. Unfortunately, his decision is irrevocable because, as everyone knows, once you get to Hell, no turning back. A pity, indeed.

    It happened on 4 April in the Scottish city of Edinburgh, when Adrian and Tiffany were about to go down the stairs of his right not to take the elevator. Yes, Adrian was and is claustrophobic. The building consists of twelve stories and the students were in the twelfth class so that the ride was quite an ordeal every day. But this time they reached the sixth floor bifurcated stairs and took the left, clearly marked with a red sign that said 'Do not go, Hell. " Both young, myopic and hard of gafismo, declared in the same press release he saw a sign "with random letters." That was when Adrian and Tiffany began their descent into the underworld.

    "We greet all our friends and family," begins a statement. "People here are not very good to us, the truth." As recounted in his writing, "Adrian children spit on him" and Tiffany "horses will bite," but the worst is that "food has no salt." Creepy. Special Envoy has made contact with their loved ones and they are in state of 'choc'. "Yesterday I had breakfast" or "I never thought that my daughter go away so far" are some of the reactions of their mothers, who are scarcely see again. In photos just in case. Unfortunately it will not for Adrian's family: her dog ate all your photos at press time. But fortunately, young people are not alone and soon made new friends, some famous and everything. Among the many are, for example, or Tony Rominger Jesusin Torralba. The former is known to be a cyclist bad, bad. In fact, broke the record of the time Indurain "sheer evil" as he confessed years later. The second little is known although recent reports say he tried to introduce into Castilian the hat. Educate yourself with thoughts from Publishers Clearing House. Punishment, yes sir.

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