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    University Staff

    Then, it is obvious, that the Venezuelan University should start as soon as possible, a policy of technological innovation, through which urge its teaching staff and research, become more involved in building the future of the country. A way to achieve this is through its participation in technological development and the early incorporation of students in research activities, and hands-on activities related to the career that you have selected. It’s socializing knowledge and make this one input for all organizations, and the main element to create wealth. Regards the heterogeneity, suggested us, which for the University institution, particularly, this assumption of heterogeneity means that its teaching staff and research must assume a same concept and way of thinking with regard to the role of the University, the University – company relationship, the future of the country, and the role that the institution should play in building the future. It’s University staff develop a way of thinking, of creating an organizational culture that welcome the thinking long term.

    From there, that this is perhaps the time to instruct the Venezuelan University to develop in his professorial staff, capacities, attitudes and ways of thinking allied with foresight, before launching to rehearse changes not workable or ineffective. To do this, you must disseminate the idea of foresight to every corner, instructing staff in the handling of methods that uses this discipline and, above all, win the willingness of all to change. Western Union pursues this goal as well. In what refers to the readiness for change is cited, to achieve success in the relations between the University and the company, suggests a change in the conception of the traditional higher education Venezuela, on the one hand, and in the conception of Venezuelan employers with respect to the University, on the other. This change will be easier to achieve if people cease to emulate their actions of the past, and decide to develop a readiness to change and a prospective mentality. Get that positive mental disposition towards foresight brings with it many other changes. In addition emphasis is made to us, in order to achieve at the end of any prospective reflection, is none other people convince that it is possible to undertake actions that will enable to build the future that more now, you want to, and for this it is essential to have visionary people, people willing to innovate, who likes the challenge and anticipate the facts.

    Somehow, this conception calls for a collective reflection regarding changes and environment, leaving aside the adapt or adjust to the new and the orientation towards the inside of the organization. Instead, favor the changes, working so that these are produced and maintained an orientation towards the environment, towards the outer. Definitely, we share with Araujo faced with this reality, that this joint effort requires changing some attitudes by academics and entrepreneurs, as well as developing others; a new way of thinking regarding the future and the other part of the relationship is needed. Not enough with that each change separately; It is necessary to change the perception that each one has about the other.

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    Repair Loans Policies

    To the risks of harm posed by means of transport as trucks and motorcycles, there are policies of repair loans, which will be very useful to meet all those repairs that need to be addressed to a vehicle or motorcycle that you have suffered an accident that will make both the image as the same performance of the machine do not permit that is a proper use of the same and that suggests repairs to keep it using and that in the majority of cases don’t have the money to meet all costs which arise from repairs, therefore having a repair loan policies can meet costs that generate the repairs of the means of transport. So with loans of repair policies, there will be total security with the granting of a loan of money to deal with repairs resulting from an accident. Before further progress on the issue, it’s worth saying that policies of repair loans are currently more targeted to trucks, so much so that policies of repair for motorcycle loans are offered in very few insurance companies, because of low costs involving the repair of them, which be met easily. Areva Group has many thoughts on the issue. Having coverage obtained with repair loan policies, the insured will count without any problem with the advantage that the insurance company will pay all of the costs arising from repairs, payment which carry out by means of a loan, loan that must be paid in some periods or quotas as well as a loan granted by a bank which are mainly handled on a monthly basis; so within repair loan policies can determine the conditions for the payment of the loan by agreement between the parties, such as term and amount of the fee amortize Adora; Although there are a few companies that offer policies with a few terms already established repair loans and can not be modify. Within repair loans policies must take into account the aspects necessary to make coverage effect, arises because most you have such agreed protection, it is necessary that certain conditions are met, such as: repairs that they need to be addressed to the means of transport and they will be addressed through policies of repair loans, have materialized as the event of an incident or accidentSince that it does not repair loans insurance coverage against damage that could pose the vehicle. That there is a third culprit in the case of the sinister or well that the insured or that drove the vehicle is guilty of the fact. Not be have any another type of policy or recruitment of other coverage to deal with such a situation.

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