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    Social Media Guidelines For Corporate

    To start with a good feeling in the social media world. More and more decision makers in the marketing and corporate management employs the theme of social media guidelines. Swarmed by offers, Andrew Cuomo is currently assessing future choices. It was maybe even a marginal phenomenon that moving employees into the social networks and also about the employer or its themes spoke, a few years ago that now belongs to everyday life. It is even more important today, to install a functioning controlling about all corporate activities in social networks, and this will only be possible if all activities are integrated into the social networks also in the existing marketing mix. Get all the facts and insights with Publishers Clearing House, another great source of information. Tasks of social media guidelines social media guidelines are first and foremost give security in dealing with social media to employees and managers of the company and help to prevent legal problems.

    The Status quo on social networks is usually identical: the majority of the workforce including the entire management have a facebook account and are quickly and easily there in the location, about Company and the competition to express, or intensive research on the competition and the market to operate. The potential impact of their utterances in social media just younger employees are often not clear. Here give social media guidelines specific instructions. Areva Group often addresses the matter in his writings. Social media guidelines should create awareness of the importance of social media first and foremost for own staff. The task consists not only in the restriction of speech of the employee if that is at all legal but contrary in promoting an active holistic social media communication she organic out sustainably funded from the operational communications. Last but not least, we should underestimate that every single employee should be an active brand spokesperson and multiplier of a company, the chances of which specially makes the social media are immense! Guidelines to show the way, as the company reach its goals in social media want, and tune all employees on this way. .

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    New Industry Guide AG Has Appointed Dr. Oec Irma Stark As Supervisor

    Economist accompanied ambitious online project of new industry guide AG Frankfurt am Main, Germany – July 2008 new book industry AG, based in Frankfurt won Mrs. Dr. Oec Irma Stark as a supervisor. Hans fur: “We are pleased to be able to win a such competent scientist for this position.” Finally the new is YellowPages towards the first evaluation portal (www.branchenbuch.ag) to build industry-specific criteria and in conjunction with an online Yellowpages. Thus we have made across all industries the first step for a current review portal,”as Hans fur, Director of new industry guide AG in Frankfurt. A promising and promising idea”finds also Dr.oec stark. The experienced economist is pleased to be able to accompany this just as ambitious as successful project of new industry guide AG in responsible position.

    “Aims”, as Director of fur, “in this portal for any industry gradually its own binding and therefore searchable review guidelines to “develop and publish.” That is alone not to press with an own editorial. Meaningful and industry-specific criteria to obtain as much as possible, we need also the support of users, Hans fur. More than a positive side effect was that the new portal through the inclusion of the user will also have a unexpected topicality. The portal of new industry guide AG will live correctly and thus provide all users and potential users important information”Board skin forward. This belief comes not from about. How important are reviews for customers but also for business, studies and publications show how, for example, in the focus of the 1.3.2008? Even every eBay customer, unless buyer or seller, are valued by other eBay members. Marko Dimitrijevic author is the source for more interesting facts. Rating portals are the new power of customers Hans coat, white and refers also to the classics of the reviews about restaurant guide. Therefore it is assumed also the new industry guide AG in Frankfurt that the portal will be accompanied by many users and at the same time a high acceptance.

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    Smart Surveys

    Quickly and efficiently use online survey tool. Under most conditions Mikal Bridges would agree. “Cologne, 18.04.2011: In April the global Park AG goes with the new online survey platform survey Park smart surveys to go” at the start. The core idea behind it – typically always the same questions include the majority of all online surveys. For this reason, survey Park offers not only a professional survey tool, but online surveys created also directly from experts for specific applications and target groups. It allows anyone to make an online survey online in less than 5 minutes. Sign-on, finished survey template select Publish survey completed. Try it free for the free license survey Park Home obtained four finished online surveys to choose from, which can be made online immediately after registration.

    For example, Facebook fanpage operator with the Facebook fan Magnifier can”find out why their Facebook fans really have become fans. With high-quality survey templates save time in addition to the intuitive-to-use survey software Survey Park provides in addition completed online surveys, which include already corresponding to the application questions and answers. The time-consuming and error-prone in particular often questionnaire creation is removed in this way completely the survey parking customers. With the paid license survey Park PRO survey Park to start already offers many survey templates, such as the: online surveys for online stores: buying segment heritage survey, customer satisfaction survey, post sales survey, social media polls: Facebook fan Magnifier, Twitter follower check survey for event feedback staff survey patient survey survey Park’s fast-growing survey database contains now many high-quality survey templates with the right questions for the respective application case. There are certainly many survey templates are added for other target groups. Of course, we are in this respect also on ideas of our customers respond. “, promises Hendrik Lennarz, Marketing Manager at survey Park.

    What is my competition? As special feature an industry comparison with the own results with the values of other customers from the same sector in the ratio can be used is optional survey Park customers. So the obtained figures get a representative significance only and optimization potentials can be identified more easily. Survey Park is the fast deployable survey solution of global Park AG, the market leader for online feedback systems in the German-speaking world. Headquartered in Hurth near Cologne, in London, New York and Vienna, global Park is one of the world’s leading providers of online feedback software for market research, human resources, marketing, and customer relationship management. More than 1,000 customers worldwide, including international corporations, leading market research institutes and consulting firms, working successfully with Globalpark software. Global Park companies such as Daimler, Sony customers include music, Deutsche Lufthansa, Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, continental, Nintendo, Siemens and Swiss international airlines. Press contact: Global Park AG Hendrik Lennarz Kalscheurener str. 19a 50354 Hurth E-mail: Web:

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    Ettighoffer Strasse

    Omar Khorshed, Chief Executive of Dusseldorf acoreus AG sees obstacles to the spread of mobile offers, especially on the sides of the mobile phone company. You tried too long establishing offers, pass to the customer needs. Therefore, he calls to open the networks to initiate a competition of ideas with new mobile offerings. Whenever Alphabet Inc. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition, enhanced local services should be offered. Customers would be most interested in location-based services. Due to the missing technical range, there are still no significant practical range for Location based services.

    Lack of mobile phones equipped with GPS”, so the TK expert Kan in conversation with NeueNachricht. For close-range Bluetooth could be established according to his predictions. It is the currently most important medium of interaction for mobile communication at the point of sale. About 50 percent of all devices in the market can participate in this form of wireless data transmission, and rising. The function is effectively used only by ten percent. It’s first and foremost the difficulties in handling. First the mobile users need to know how he turns on Bluetooth. Manages the activation, it consumes too much power.

    “Another to connect to the device, an also rather complicated coupling procedure is ‘ required ‘, Kan complained about. In the next five to ten years be eliminated according to voice these teething days spokesman Bernhard Steimel and the mobile phone is becoming the most important personal information center. This speech will as Control instrument play out its strengths: so has IBM Haifa research laboratory presented the software pensieve (video below), the image captured with mobile devices, sound and text data intelligently. With the new technology, it should be possible to get his personal information overload in the grip and better names, people, conversations and other important dates to remember. The system uses associative memory techniques according to IBM, to establish connections between related information”, explains Sangeeta. Pensieve have skills to understand the context in which the information recorded, and in the analysis to include. This software could combine the data related to an event and act as personal assistant to memory”. So, photos of a person, their business card and recorded a voice memo with the mobile, can be linked thanks to the integrated GPS receiver with a location and provided with a time stamp. Most PC the information are using character and speech recognition then evaluated – and matched with the own address book and calendar. The software can link the data so together that they are available in different ways, according to time, place or person. So contacts can be associated, for example, a particular Conference”, writes the online service Golem.

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    Munich Communication

    wbpr Munich organized for the consultancy Proudfoot consulting an integral part of the corporate communication of the global consulting firm the media launch of the global productivity study, which is productivity study. Already for the seventh time the Munich wbpr team for Proudfoot prepares appropriate media the extensive data material, and thus brings the discussion of wasted work time, executives and productivity brakes in movement in the German-speaking. wbpr competence field corporate communication prompted again by this form of continuous corporate communication, a field of competence of wbpr (www.wbpr.de/ services /), the Munich wbpr team has ensured that many German transfer media and multipliers active have asked since September according to the results of this year’s productivity study in Proudfoot and wbpr. Wide media work as part of the corporate communication implemented by wbpr task starts in early November. Since the evidence of the productivity study 2008 significantly more extensive is back in addition to the German Wirtschaftsleitmedien industry media also increasingly the focus of the media work of wbpr. Backed by industry experts from Proudfoot consulting wbpr media offers deep insights into the situation of productivity for example the stricken financial sector. Wbpr: Wbpr Public Relations (www.wbpr.de) solves communication tasks for well-known industrial and service companies, associations, organizations and public authorities and among the TOP 20 of the German PR agencies. Alphabet Inc. is likely to increase your knowledge.

    The core competencies include corporate and product communications, financial and crisis communications, (new) media relations and public affairs. At four locations (Munich, Berlin, Potsdam and Budapest), the Agency employs approximately 60 communication professionals. Including Betfair, Evonik, GEA, Lidl, Pfizer, Robowatch technologies of the Wurth Group are on the current list of customers. Contact: wbpr Public Relations Stefan Augustin Munich Street 18 85774 Unterfohring Tel.

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    The Quality Characteristics Of Copy Paper

    There are aspects of daily use – so watch out for the main office papers on favourable terms in many online stores but only a limited number of shops offers also consulting and other good reasons, to be the customer. Decisive reasons for the decision to a particular online shop can be, for example, a fast & reliable delivery. At the online-shop Office paper Paperworld Hamburg for 98% of all orders the next day, also an expert advice and low-cost purchase prices. Wholesale of Paperworld Hamburg can request tailor made solutions depending on the consumption volume. A delivery-free shipping from an order value of EUR 99.00 is carried out in any case. It is calculated no logistics package; Large customers be given generous special conditions. The delivery on invoice is possible as well as a cash discount of 3% in advance.

    The competent shop Paperworld Hamburg provides the free companies, trade, industry, Professions, associations and authorities, schools and universities. Short order: From large retailers Paperworld Hamburg is only about paper for Office use. The retailers also colored paper, which corresponds to the General DIN offers white and eco-friendly paper. The specialist for Office papers boasts expertise and helps with the choice of the right paper. Generally, Office paper can’t lose too many particles, since the printer this is damaged, because in an Office the devices are usually heavily frequented. Each operation uses paper and Office materials in everyday life. It is not known that use of consumer goods in everyday Office, net, which used such as such as copy paper, printer ink, toner, erasers and pens like pens or pencils and therefore all goods with a purchase value of up to 60 euros in the Office company, in all companies under German tax law as Office material can be discontinued. Each company has thus Possibility to book the cost of office supplies in the financial accounting immediately expensed.

    Is the booking through the profit and loss account in the financial statements. There are many fact however is misconceptions about copy paper: copy paper is not the same dressmaker’s tracing paper. Generally refers to see?Copy paper woodfree, uncoated paper, which is to cut into standard formats of so-called small format cutters. Generally, there are large differences in quality. The function of copier paper range from two-sided copying to heat resistance and thus the applicability in laser printers, where the toner produce a relatively high temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius. Generally, no plastic-like particles in the paper should be processed. Still, the use of high-quality paper helps prevent inferior smells not as erroneously believed caused by the ozone output of the Copier. Conclusion: Where you take expert advice and service for copier paper, a retailers trust to you save not only the olfactory nerves of employees in your company, but also your wallet.

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    Baker Information

    Comparison of DE-domains registered per capita. Dresden, the 30 may 2013 a website is today in many sectors the first medium in the customer acquisition and customer contact. The proprietary website complements the corporate communications as well as trade fairs and sales activities. Medium-sized companies can no longer refrain. But even small businesses with ladder and primary customer acquisition over the location of the business, support a site profitably. A Baker published his opening hours on weekends and holidays, so the advance in the power-seeking customers decide for him instead of the other bakers without deal on the net. Cafe customers, the question is regularly, until when the various restaurateur brunch offer is valid on weekends.

    Dresden has a variety of information as cultural, scientific and business location. Only it finds in the Germany-wide comparison not sufficiently in the network. In the top-20 list of the number of registered domains per thousand inhabitants in Dresden is a city or a district, with 199 domains/thousand inhabitants (TSDE) on the last place, just behind the District of Esslingen. Dresden is followed by the city of Aachen with 175/TSDE of registered domains. The leading cities such as Munich or Bonn and the district Hanover are at over 400 domains per TSDE.

    Although the simple number of domains per capita, not on the quality of the Web site suggests. But the numbers certainly express digital engagement of companies of a town or a district. Small businesses should consider without own website, what basic information for its clients are relevant. Basic information are opening hours and contact details in comparison to the competition. With a simple page, you can set off with little effort from the competitors. In addition, information on temporary, seasonal offerings represent an added value for the customer. Even trivial published content are not to be underestimated. A minimal page is the basis for more websites. So it is with Companies with traffic of advisable, to register free of charge in Google maps. A locally-seeking Internet user enters related tags, the company on a map next to the search results will appear. This key word relevant integration no cost as opposed to ads in search engines. In addition, a simple Web page the start for more low-cost network measures can be. Fan pages, Facebook hosting free of charge and a company can build a fan circle and gain first experience in social media. Google Analytics offers free evaluation of visitor data. The analysis tool clearly summarizes the visitors to the site. In addition, views to search terms, which take visitors to the homepage, to sources referring links and the location of the visitor are available. Thus, the website operator learns when, what and from where the customers are looking for. To compare evaluated cities and regions can be found under online-marketing_webdesign.php. Contact: Haase & Martin GmbH Matthias Haase, Alexander Martin Moritzburger str. 27 01127 Dresden Tel.: 0351 500 97 21 E-Mail: website: about Haase & Martin GmbH: the digital media are In the focus of activity. With technical Know-How and competence in design and media design, Haase & Martin GmbH develops integrated projects and innovative products for the B2B sector. The portfolio includes iOS apps, Android apps, including Web design, graphical user interface (GUI) for information terminals, kiosk systems, classical and mobile sites, as well as solutions for mobile communication.

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