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    The experience that I’ve had to make the masters in holistic education with ramon Gallegos Nava is the to better understand what is happening with my person and their relationship with the whole world. I have managed to inform myself and strive day after day to be better, by being more aware of my acts, more fair and tolerant of my fellow. Make this Masters was like being reborn. I want to emphasize that I felt a woman full, satisfied and happy with this master. The master allowed me to recognize the essence of my being, the position where I am currently in the world: I am a spirit that is living a human experience. Now my goal or my life mission is to transcend and be happy, leave mark. All meetings which I attended seemed very interesting to me and I’ll always have present to them, but the best and memorable was the Congress International of education holistic where exhibitors from around the world participated. Thanks to their papers motivates me to continue studying with great interest all the anthologies of the Master’s degree, as well as if possible, continue studying the doctorate, because I gave has the holistic education is that education will be based in the future and that requires committed people that serve as promoters.

    I wish to open eyes to other people so that they leave the darkness and find the light, as they did with me to study masters. Congresses allowed that attended in the two years of the master’s degree learn many important personalities that have the same ideal be educators Holistas. The session in which I participated, as valuable interventions of my fellow students and teachers in classes via the Internet and at conferences as exhibitors, helped me to understand different points of view, all of equal importance. I learned a lot from them, especially that no one is perfect and that we are all one and one we all are.

    National President Veterinary

    The Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster cases officially recognized the high value and importance as a scientific advance of the method bunker concluded successfully EL IV workshop international envelope medicine veterinary of disasters the Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster cases officially recognizes the high value and significance as a scientific advance of the bunker method. He successfully concluded the IV Edition of the workshop of the Cuban society of veterinary medicine subsidiary disaster of Villa Clara, held between 22 and 24 April 2009, at the Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias of the Universidad Central Marta Abreu de las Villas, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba. The workshop operated affiliated to the Fourth International Conference on agricultural development and sustainability. 57 Papers, 5 keynotes and 2 roundtables on important topics related to the Desastrologia in the fields of public health and the agricultural sciences were presented in the event. The lectures and round tables were in charge doctors in prestigious national and international science.

    He was also with the presence of the National President of the Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster and other executives of the prestigious organization, the Institute of medicine veterinary, Ministry of science, technology and environment of the province, and other State agencies.. Jeff Gennette has plenty of information regarding this issue.

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