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    Caixa Galicia

    "But we still have not done, why something will be?", He adds. The correct form, another way to escape cases of Jose Miguel or confirm that it is possible to consider the deal if the accompanying financial situation and you're willing to go where needed. In fact, according to point in the firm headed by attorney Martin Carmelo Seville is taken over part of the claims with some success, it is best to get a settlement, because going to court is to assume a fairly high cost that many customers, even those in good financial situation, they may undertake. But it is also possible to get out of this situation by reviewing the contract it signed with the entity, because in some cases, as has happened with La Caixa, or more recently in Caixa Galicia, the contract has been resolved in favor of the customer for defects, such as the lack of any signature on the document itself or in the test MiFID reporting on the risks of the product that is being contracted. From the Catalan organization insist on the normality of these decisions and explain that when these defects are present in other products, promote its policy passes to the customer. And ultimately, there is always legal action, something that is seriously considering Javier Blanch, graphic arts business and your business affected by a product of Banco Sabadell. "I have clearly sue the bank and the director of the professional process if I return the money.

    I'll go for it because I just try to print, I'm not financial speculator, "he says. However, leaving does not arise because its operating entity is interested and expects the bank will raise a negotiation. It is also open to negotiate Torijano Joseph, patron of the Caixa, which pays 400 euros and 300 penalty fee for a mortgage of 104,000 euros, but does not hesitate to sue if necessary, although the lawyer and going to cost you money. Susana shows less optimistic, Bankinter client, who has his hopes for a trial that could extend two or three years.

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