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    Control Negative Emotional States

    Each one of us, regardless of sex, social status or marital status, we have "triggers" that put us LITERALLY automatically in situations of anger or anger. For example, suppose that in the past, whenever our father made us do homework, take us firmly by the arm. Without wishing to create a link, and then every time someone takes us that way, we generated in the same physical sensations as kids. Humans create links, all the time. It is not only natural but essential. Without the links, would not be able to react to danger and avoid it. The word "NO" is an excellent example of a link. When a child who is approaching his hand to fire him say "NO", he knows it is something that is forbidden, and leans back (if the link is done well).

    They are also links aromas, sounds, images, etc. One of the most interesting aspects is that triggers are essentially flexible s . That is, we programmed to react how they want, according to our needs. Once you learn how to reprogram these triggers, all emotional states with which you do not feel like they can be dispelled, calm or even eliminated. This is possible because your brain has the ability to convert triggers triggers vices virtues. This means that ALL NEGATIVE habit are under your control. In the classroom # 3 NLP Course Distance I'll show you how, using a few minutes of concentration and silence, you can replace triggers, so you get a direct non-stop to the emotional state you want. If you want to know more about these issues and how to handle enters.

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