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    Fine Arts Quot

    In addition, in 2009 turned out to be fruitful for Arkaim distinguished guests, among them – Representatives of the University of Tokyo Chiba. The idea of creating an art gallery in the Museum of Man and Nature appeared in January 2009 and in May had already been put into practice. The initiators of the new gallery is an artist Denis Gubin, art theorist Valentine Kutlueva and Doctor of Sciences Gennady Zdanowicz. It is this "triumvirate" is currently the main driving force behind the organization of exhibitions taking place at the Center "Arch." Opening of the exhibition hall "Arch" was of great interest and lively response from well-known figures of culture and art. For example, a member of the Academy of Fine Arts, Timur Didishvili said: "This is a very great to have opened new galleries, and even this level! For Arch can only be happy, he deserves it! ".

    "I used to Arkaim seen only occasional amateur vystavochki at different sites Museum, – said the visitor center Arkaim artist Andrei Volkov (Moscow) – basically, they were inept lyrical canvases – endless variations on a theme Arkaima usually Chelyabinsk amateur authors. I remember that some high lady (apparently the owner of the salon) brought home the amateur artists in the open air. Were there any more idiotic installation – contemporary art has come to such a place, albeit in neutered form. The only decent thing in a marble sculpture Arkaim Kocharovskaya – I remember it from the mid 90s, in my opinion, it is called "Rebirth." But now is different! I wish you great creative successes staff New gallery! With pleasure will come on the show and recommend a new room to your friends and colleagues. " Exhibition Gallery until the plan is kept secret, but we already know that it does not appear famous masters only from Russia and from abroad who have given their consent.

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    Learning to Draw

    Learn to draw, everyone can. Many drop out after the first failures to draw, considering that it requires talent and years of study in art school. Talent – this is good, and the school with a good teacher, too, not bad. But practice shows that many of the strength to learn to paint. And it can be done independently. Of course, for more rapid success must not only work hard with a pencil, but need more information. Information about the same pencil and paper on how to properly apply the strokes with a pencil or pen and ink.

    Understand what the prospect of linear and aerial. How to build a track, that is, position of objects in space or transfer various textures, that is, different surfaces. As in other areas of life, the knowledge will help to achieve success faster, faster, learn to draw. And do not go to zero the path of artists who lived before us. Much easier armed with experience of these masters – and today there are a lot of material for self-education.

    Anyone can learn to draw, if he has a great desire and confidence. Even the talented people do not just go out masterpieces, they are not born with the ability to draw. They only get that ability to be developed. And if you do not, and such talent can not die. Therefore, learn to draw can only ones who really strongly that he wants and does not lower arms in the first or second failure. Such people do not say: "I can not so I will not work, I have no talent, I could never learn to draw " Note the words – "I do not I can, I'll never learn to draw " Indeed, one can say with certainty that this man can not. It programs itself to failure. Need a completely different way of thinking. "I can – just like to say – I is the strength, you only need patience and practice, and I am sure I will learn to paint. " In order to learn to draw, you need to develop another quality. This observation, or the ability to see, curiosity, which helps you learn depicted object and pass it on paper or canvas. Observation that conveys what he sees, not what he knows our brain – after all, simply refer to the sheet paper is that we are seeing their eyes. Learn to draw would also help the regular practice. One well-known artists advised to allocate each day a few minutes to figure. Therefore, if we often draw, then we will evolve, and the regular practice will learn to draw amazing pictures. Regular practice helps you learn to accurately reproduce the proportions of the depicted objects and more quickly, without error to execute the picture. Therefore, practice, practice, practiced.

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