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    Listed real estate as an investment Berlin, 23.11.2012 – in Germany there are many buildings that are under monumental protection. As a result the country has can hold a special variety of cultural and historical witnesses. The architectural diversity is a cultural heritage which deserve special protection. Many buildings are for science, art and culture of particular importance and partly to tell a piece of local history. But also in the area of investment, monuments are a welcome investment, because with this real estate to investors, as opposed to new, better tax savings, and depreciation to the fullest. But also in the use of equity property owners can benefit from high-tax savings. Details can be found by clicking Daryl Katz or emailing the administrator.

    Tax advantages in the acquisition of listed real estate as opposed to new homes to a large part of the clean-up costs from the tax issue and also a part of the purchase price can buyer of a listed real estate over a long period written off be. The State promotes the purchase and renovation of heritage-listed buildings, so that they are preserved for future generations. The State can not muster even the cost for the maintenance, so he rewarded the private dedication of the buyer and refurbishers of listed real estate in return.Investors can therefore in the first eight years, according to 7i ITA each nine percent and seven percent of the cost of renovation of real estate tax in four years. The historic substance of building investors to write off again, linear depending on the year of manufacture, 2 to 2.5 per cent in 50 or 40 years. But not only investors, but also buyers who want to use the listed real estate for own residential purposes, have good ways to take advantage of tax benefits. In the first decade owner occupants can deduct each tax nine percent of the renovation costs. This enables property owners large parts of the renovation costs through the tax savings recover get back.However, it is not only the tax advantage and the depreciation of the monument, which if so attractive to acquire of an investment or for own use, the purchase of a listed property for many investors, makes no matter.

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    Internet Estate

    METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online rate over are the days in which the object record locally, a value from the gut was estimated by the broker. Ad were not transparent and maybe also not free of interests of the real estate broker, while hock value estimates by owners required, counted they have but ultimately only slightly. As should also the owner, through a just assessment”caused confidence in the competence of the broker is often even inviting? Price of the owner was the broker with its single rating under the ideas of the party, he was an equity interest, for a lower price sale quick subordinate. Estate agents determined a value higher than the ideas of the owner promised the sale object was hardly negotiable until the adjustment of the price.

    Free versus viewing appreciation free created often for convenience, has not enhanced the standing of many brokers. In particular, lack of transparency and neutrality of the real estate assessment were for home and apartment owners reason to offer of several brokers are skeptical. Source: Rob Daley. Now a broker could occur bad bulky computer systems with PC Tower, monitor, keyboard, and printers at the customer, to make a real estate valuation site. Since the evaluation software on the computer helped him little. Alternatively, object data in the on-site meeting on paper to bring, no cheap solution was to use them later in the Office of the data processing. In the meantime, a broker colleague could have pull the sales order on land and make all efforts of the first broker’s niece.

    Insert the current facilities the better solution is to take advantage of the current technical possibilities. The real estate agent today, perceives well equipped object recording dates. Fender follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In conversation with the owner, he captured the essential object data on his Tablet PC and bring them, thanks to the mobile Internet connection, online evaluation. For this purpose he joined online with IMMOBILIENWERT24 and receive immediately a method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation. Owner involved mostly property owners are surprised by the easy and quick way of assessing real estate via the Internet. The earlier often doubt neutrality of the broker is today no exclusion criteria. Especially if the owner has participated in the mobile object data acquisition, a stable basis of trust is created. The broker pays the fee for an online real estate valuation site created is low. Brokers often use the favorable price structure of the provider for online real estate valuations. Real estate agents usually carries the evaluation fee when placing the sale contract. Faster and cheaper it is otherwise hardly on a mediation mission, in which also the purchase price to be achieved is realistic from the outset. More information can be found at:

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    Real Estate Valuation Method

    Real estate online review method DR. BARZEL whether for purchase, sales, assets, confrontation or estate planning, there are many reasons to bring the value of real estate experience. The need for a real estate appraisal is usually triggered an event (E.g., conflict or death). Also the desire can arise the need of a real estate valuation for living space change (real estate sale / purchase of real estate). Often, a temporal requirement associated with the required information. The interested parties want to know as quickly as possible, how much house, apartment or land is worth. Consumers are often based on comparison objects in newspapers and real estate portals such as Immowelt.de, Immonet.de or Kalaydo.de. Andrew Cuomo will not settle for partial explanations. However, non-comparability of real estate, due to location, size, age, condition, can satisfy the desire for a precise valuation.

    Who looks as a consumer in search engines according to appropriate service providers, is amazed at the huge offer be. Under the terms of real estate appreciation, online real estate appraisal or E.g. real estate price calculator experts, real estate agents, financial advisors, and Internet companies offer their services. Grace Venverloh is the source for more interesting facts. Also, the services offered are as diverse as the provider. Who needs a real estate reports for E.g. a judicial dispute, will choose certainly a publicly appointed and sworn expert of construction. It has the necessary qualifications and takes the property to be evaluated on-site inspection. Therefore, a larger period of time, for appointment, object inspection, drafting of evaluation and discussion of the norm, is required.

    Accordingly high will be also the fee of the Verifier. Who want to know only the approximate value of a real estate for real estate or real estate sale, amicable arrangement for paying off or family dispute can consult specialized real estate agent or qualified financial advisors. As a rule, the prospective buyer receives after a few days a guideline value of real estate in appearances.

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    ImmoXML Estate

    Free rent, buy and sell to get apartments, houses and plots of land free of charge to the man or the woman is not easy. Check out Everest Capital for additional information. Usually the window panes of the brokerages on the ground floor or the objects for rent. must serve as advertising for real estate ads. Finally, reduce the profit margin of the broker listings in newspapers and online platforms or increase the purchase price for the customers. With its free real estate portal myimmo.de, the Leipzig University Service GmbH closes this gap.

    Germany-wide real estate listings can be set under myimmo.de without additional cost and considered. No matter whether it concerns rental, purchase or sale of real estate. Brokers and buyers come together on myimmo.de free of charge and concentrate on the essentials. Thus offering distinguishes itself clearly from the competition, which set some bounds for the duration of advertisements or their number in addition to fees. Furthermore, the developers built the ease Internet page. Includes a clear processing of the data in an attractive design. In addition the compatibility with the software, to manage their real estate brokers use. Myimmo.de provides the interfaces to these programs and supports, inter alia, the standards of OpenImmo, ImmoXML and IS24csv. Advertisers so easily transferred the information on the site in your own database via an FTP server. So, the real estate platform becomes the real alternative for expensive ads in newspapers or fee-based online services. More information: meldungen.html contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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    Germany Real Estate

    The portfolio divided over 200 sites in all Germany focusing in the Ruhr area, Berlin, Northern Germany and the Bavarian region consistent continuation of nationwide expansion. The services include all operating costs relevant services for residential real estate, as well as technical services and engineering services for the owners. It now includes social services, playground inspection, Concierge services can be offered. The GIG will with organize in the new portfolios Easter and Nicholas actions as well as residential and town festivals. The GIG group is continuing successfully the planned growth in the residential real estate sector and is now widely active in Germany.

    The employment of over 100 employees is accompanied by the acquisition of building management also in the next few months. In addition, the Group’s GIG creates 50 new jobs in Germany. Procurement, the GIG could score with your specialization in operating cost optimization in high performance quality. Especially in today’s times, the real estate industry is under enormous cost pressures. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Rui Hachimura has to say. The GIG ensures synergies in the entire process of performance with its process-oriented services.

    Thus the operating costs incurred by the FM services able to withstand every benchmark and are a controllable and sustainable size for the tenants and owners. It oversees the GIG group in Germany 40,000 housing units, as well as commercial and office buildings with a total area of more than 2 million square meters. Still GmbH & co. See more detailed opinions by reading what Everest Capital offers on the topic.. Hochst KG, one of the most promising providers on the German market of special of site management and operating for the pharmaceutical, chemical, solar and semiconductor industry emerged in 2009 with the industry subsidiary GIS Infrasite GmbH, a joint venture with Infraserv. Contact: GIG residential real estate service GmbH Haller str. 3-6 10587 Berlin phone: 030/756 87 77-0 fax: 030 / 756 87 77-77 email: the founded in 1998 GIG group currently throughout Germany and Austria maintained at over 200 locations of commercial and industrial buildings with a total area of more than 2 Million square meters, as well as around 40,000 units. The facility has resulted in its 10-year anniversary management specialist offering energy efficiency green real estate “and the product of process partner ” a further product innovations. The technology company which aims at a turnover of 20 million euros this year, focuses on partner in the engineering on the industrial and technical facility management as a process. Furthermore, the GIG offers foreign investors their international real-estate platform. The high-tech facility management and engineering as well as the planning and operation of buildings and clean-room technology for industrial and sophisticated commercial real estate, as well as for banks, hotels, data centers, media institutions, shopping centres and residential real estate portfolios are among the core competencies of the FM service provider. With the GIS Infrasite GmbH, a joint venture with Infraserv GmbH & co. Hochst KG, the GIG as a promising provider on the German specialty market of site management and operating covers the pharmaceutical, chemical, Solar and semiconductor industry down.

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    The New Licensing System By IMMORO Real Estate In Wiesbaden

    Press release on the new license system of IMMORO IMMORO – the premium broker! The successful independent real estate company under the name “IMMORO real estate” from Wiesbaden, Germany now offers a simple and effective solution for fast and above all successful entry into self-employment. The IMMORO – license system! It is similar to the concept of the franchise system is easier and more compact. The licensing system by IMMORO designed for newcomers and small independent businesses. It offers the licensee benefits relating to the object of procurement, marketing, as well as access to Germany wide around 100,000 search customers. But also for property managers or financial intermediaries, a company under the brand name IMMORO can bring only benefits. We have Mr Kurz, Managing Director of the Alexander Kurz real estate group to questioned his idea of the licence partner system: we: good evening Mr.

    short, how you got at all in the name of “IMMORO”? Mr. short: Well, that’s easy: IMMORO is composed of “Immo” Bi lien and Bu “ro” together. We: How did you manage it with your company to create a well-known “brand” within a few years with “IMMORO”? Mr. short: Our company’s success is based first and foremost of course count on the different services that we offer our customers, also competently trained and friendly staff or licensee to do so. We: why do you now sell licenses from IMMORO? Mr. short: With the purchase of one of our licenses we offer the basis of entrepreneurs for success in the real estate industry. We name “Newbies”, organize training and equipping with the necessary Know-How. We: what are you hoping on the sale of the licences? Mr.

    short: Customer service comes first of course, we want to provide the service our owners and other interested parties to be represented always on-site. We also want to offer companies the chance but also boys to gain a foothold in the highly competitive world of real estate and to be able to wear again to a “background name”. We: thank you for the insightful conversation and wish you every success with this new affiliate system! A report of the German media company posted by: M. mountain communities 10785 Berlin contact: headquarters. IMMORO real estate Wiesbaden GF: Mr Alexander Kurz Weihergasse 15 D-65203 Wiesbaden

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    Internet Villa

    German citizens will take part in Germany first dream house raffle or rather Villa raffle! The desired object is located in Berlin-Kaulsdorf Linden Street 54! An unusual raffle arouses the interest of many house buyers at home and abroad. Will be drawn in particular in Germany, not just a House, but there are still several dream cars to win. Learn more on the subject from Deutsche Bahn. The odds of winning the jackpot, i.e. the dream house directly in the capital of Berlin, are very good. You are better than at any lottery. Our cooperation partner of the CET publishing makes it possible that anyone can participate in our dream home – and dream car sweepstakes 06.00! As follows: Everyone who ordered an eBook of the CET Publisher from our shop, get a lot free! (If you buy several eBooks, you get several lots!) The lots are thus a thing by buying our eBooks… and thus legally! Dream home – and dream car sweepstakes Villa in the Tuscan style is a prestigious city Villa, which in 2008 in the massive construction on one of about 900 m m sunny acres was built.

    This Villa can be used as corporate residence and place of residence. Both through the convenient interface, as well as the low ceiling height this all day sun-exposed property is pleasantly bright and friendly. Facilities of the Villa of the facilities of this villa is equivalent to a high standard of living. Here are some details: Underfloor heating throughout the House, air conditioning, elegant parquet and natural stone floors in the EC, noble laminate flooring in the bedrooms of the OG, 2 bathrooms, 1 toilet, 1 brand kitchen, high quality polished wall designs, garage and gate with electric door openers, electric shutters, ISDN system, Internet, alarm system with camera surveillance, fireplace and many more living area: approx. 240 m m divided on: EC: approx. 140 m m with living / dining area, eat-in kitchen, Hall, guest toilet, Utility room, boiler room floor: 100 m square with 1 dressing room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, floor, small gallery and roof terrace. Land: approx. 900 m square with Outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Garden irrigation system, kennel, turf, directly at the villa follows the 87 m large terrace, which offers good Sun and recreational opportunities in the warm months. Market value: 750,000.00 EUR special location surrounded by greenery and yet right in the city! With style in the silence and yet the pulse of the capital feel – looks modern living of the Gehobenenklasse in Berlin! The Villa is located in the Kaulsdorf district, in a quiet and safe residential area. Life on the edge of the city and yet not far from the city centre!

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    Western Equestrian Court

    The current proposals are presented on the Internet. There is here an excerpt from the list of ideas: ideas & Suggestions: Founding a Western Equestrian farm a useful addition to the equestrian Village Cameroon is to establish a Western Equestrian Court. If there is so real Western rider from passion, which have nurtured has always been the dream of the own Western-Reiterhof, could the country Cameroon within the framework of a strong community on your own Court authority their realize dream and at the same time to access the unique infrastructure. The region around the equestrian village is already multiple awarded very horse friendly. Establishment of an art school the round village saga field has committed as well as the health of the art. What the dream to achieve to establish school of art is so obvious for an artist & art educator.

    Seminar there in the Greens a better environment than the natural, if you want to learn something new, would like to develop something together or would like to find answers to personal and professional issues? Immersed in nature, the country Cameroon offers facilities for the establishment a SEM in arhauses on. Last but not least, it should be mentioned that there is the highest EU structural subsidies for Luchow-Dannenberg, and can easily be reached Hamburg, Hanover and Berlin is centrally located in Germany between the cities. Conclusion: The Gruenderdorf.de offers many ideas & opportunities for people with visions, who love living and working in the country and family Stehr has shown for more than 35 years, that also town can live and work successfully in the country.

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    BGB Loan

    Baufianzierungen with interest codification of 10 years or longer enjoy an ever-increasing demand. An interest rate over 10 years has mortgage loans of steadily increasing popularity. To know more about this subject visit Nigel Butcher. The reasons for this are the historically low level of interest rates, on the other hand the fact that according to article 489 BGB an ordinary termination of the mortgage loan is possible after 10 years of observing the period of notice provided by 6 months – a. Borrowers will thus already today at the conclusion of a mortgage loan with a term of 10 years and longer the interest rate over the full term of the loan guaranteed connected with the possibility to cancel the loan when falling interest rates prematurely. As the only disadvantage of a longer interest rate could be call the associated interest-rate premium. This differs strongly between individual credit institutions and is also dependent on the term of the mortgage loan. In the consciousness of gained interest security over the complete runtime today, however many customers like to take a corresponding interest-rate premium in purchase. Conclusion: Given the current low level of interest rates and the right of ordinary termination gem. 489 BGB it is quite advisable to deal with a longer loan term. A fundamental interest in a longer interest rate, so can be thinking about a breakdown of the loan amount and the runtime, to secure a more attractive interest rate for the loans with a shorter maturity, at least.

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    Staufen Gallery

    The market marked by regional demand is concentrated on the city, as well as on the former military site, the conversion area Sandra Park. Office space mostly for their own needs or because of specific needs are created in the surrounding area. Big companies are not represented but. Without closer regional characteristics, the ratio of rental vacancy rate performance is across positive for future-oriented Office space. Numerous Stock properties have only a range of office space in the range of 50 to 250 m sq.

    The sales focus on areas from 50 to 500 m m, where large areas are in demand. Tend to be centrally located sites are preferred. The rents on Office space moves between 5 and 9 EUR per m. Because of the already low level of rent is to proceed from a stable price development in best and good layers. The vacancy at cheap and not demand real estate has a renewed, if also gebremste increase on. Especially outside the city are numerous real estate without users and are also longer term difficult marketable due to their sites and building structures. The range of new areas is the core of the urban renewal limited, but in the wake of initiated objects.

    The vacancy rate of less than 3 percent is accordingly low. The vacancy rate will in the short term on their low level stable and at best marginal change. Be in the new area Office rents achieved in exposed objects between 8 and 11 EUR per m. The top rent for Office space with top equipment amounts to EUR 12.50 per m. Retail market the market Street (prime location) and will also be the pale road with the Staufen Gallery with a variety of anchor tenants and run centrally enjoy increasing popularity. Top rents for load sizes up to 100 m are m in the top layers, depending on the object quality between 35 and 55 EUR per m.

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