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    Lost Souls

    A girl, who if could say, happy was a time to the eyes of the others But when she was alone started to think and to feel much homesickness, homesickness of that wise person who had not known still. Something was strange, it felt lack of that would come. Its days rolled without bigger favour and emotion Always feeling a pain in a chest, an emptiness that nobody nor nothing they filled. It arrived to namorar somebody and to judge itself gotten passionate, it went the parties and if it amused very. But when arriving in house wise person not to describe the feeling that had in the heart, something incomplete. Certain day made it to the destination to cross with somebody, another girl. This very stranger and with a mystery around.

    Mystery that it very wanted to unmask. They had started if to approach. It felt something in air, felt a necessity supernatural to be close to the stranger girl. Its thoughts were confused, it were a girl who was if attracting by another girl? It could not be It always was ' ' normal' ' now was entering in something that wise person who would bring much suffering. Not! Friendship was alone.

    It had that to be. time was passing and that feeling more went if confusing each time, until one day happened something that was the apex of its joy and desperation. The stranger girl felt the same was not alone friendship! It decided to give to a possibility the stranger girl and same it, would be amused. Finally it went to saciar, perhaps curiosity this age the moment that would divide the life of it. The stranger girl would be the watershed in the life of it. Moment of explosion Explosion of one stranger happiness, curious pleasure and confused feelings. At last the souls that had in such a way been looked Reencontraram.

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    Zeca Mundongo

    Therefore it is, and who does not have its crazes, its private desires there or dreams? Everybody has of these things escondidinhas well, back in the deep one of its heart. Jose K. Dell Inspirons opinions are not widely known. Mundongo, more known in the small city for Zeca Mundongo, had two dreams: the first one was to be able to participate of a procession all paramentado, holding with the two hands a well great cross or a candlestick, a ostensrio or even though a smoker spreading incense smoke for the streets of the city. He was not religious, but went to that was procession and was of devout and padrecos vidrado eye seeing that line of, those beginning seminaristas, almost boys still, dresses with full white clothes of incomes, using half purple and leading those golden parts of the church, the thing prettiest of this world. came back pra house tanning a tremendous frustration. It would give everything in the life to have been invited to be in the way of them, that procession. Well that its grandmother in such a way wanted and almost gives the name to it of Blessed, so that it was priest. That it did not only call itself Blessed, never was coroinha, nor helping of mass, nor sacristo as the Cirineu, its bigger friend, much less priest.

    kept in silence its enormous desire, so that it took nobody it in the debauch. Then, cabisbaixo it said exactly for itself: – Not yet it was of this time Zeca, but I will not die before without carrying through my dreams. The other desire of the Z, crosses! It was of a bad taste to give arrepios. He is that it would adore to hold the handle of a coffin, helping to take some delfino until the vestibule of the other world. It went to that it was burial of the city, but also was not there so easy the concretion of this its mrbido desire, because it always happened that in justinha hour H, where whose it went to give in the foot, it had one turminha of relatives and friends more fond than already had combined ' ' servio' ' same that it already was coladinho in the wood package there, with the biggest good will printed in the face, and even though sketching a disfarado yellowish smile, then appeared somebody that gave one to it cutucadinha in the shoulder, indicating that the vacant already it are filled, and it if it moved away discouraged, while the face botava the hand in its so coveted handle of the coffin.

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    Jonathan Fabrcio

    Then years later Amanda she spoke for Jonathan that was pregnant, therefore Jonathan was very happy Amanda was to make the examination to see if it was same truth, therefore she gave positive then Amanda was anxious to earn already was buying clothes for its baby. After nine Amanda months she was lunchhing with Jonathan in a restaurant when wise person estorou the stock market then Jonathan oque not to make called a taxi and had been soon for the hospital the childbirth of Amanda was complicated was would marry, after some weeks, after some weeks if they had remembered that they had forgotten to botar name in the son then botaram the name of Jonathan Fabrcio. Then of years and years later Fabrcio it was with 11 years, but the mother of Amanda not wise person who had a grandson. But Amanda had fought with its husband and decided to break up itself. Then Amanda caught Fabrcio and was for house of its mother arriving there its mother asked to who age that boy it answered that the father of Amanda was its grandson then had been terrified. But it in its house had accepted.

    Then Fabrcio was going for school and found its father Jonathan ordered Fabrcio for school. Then Jonathan appeared in the front of the house of Amanda begging they to come back then ordered it to Amanda to enter it spoke for it that it loved who it was valid, but that a thousand treasures then Amanda accepted its excuse. Years later the parents of Amanda had Amanda deceased were very sad. The entrepreneur of the parents of Amanda said that its father had left a will saying that Amanda was pra to assume the position of owner of the Amanda company only accepted that it did not have time to take care of of the businesses of the family then Jonathan it asked for that Amanda of this for it the position of owner of the company then left it to it to assume this position. Then months later Amanda discovered that Jonathan was deviating money of the company for its account it also discovered that it was Jonathan that killed its parents to be with a part of the company, but Jonathan was knowing that it had descobrido everything it caught the money that was in its account for ran away from the country but when it went to embark polices appeared it for arrests it Jonathan was imprisoned. Amanda said for its son who the father of it had been imprisoned Fabrcio did not give the minimum importance for this. Days later Amanda it was to visit Jonathan in the arrest and it said to it that they only had lived a LOVE OUTLAW.

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    Not, Regina would not be there. It crossed the street and it entered in alley where it had a motel. Distracted reading the periodical, the recepcionista did not see it when it entered and went up for the first floor. In the corridor, Rubens opened the first door that found. The room was small only with a bed, a light bulb with mortia light illuminated a suffocating environment that smelled the sweated and sour bodies. A naked couple was on the bed in a grotesca position ridicule. Rubens found funny and started to laugh. The woman if scared and fell of the bed.

    It was not Regina. The man advanced as a furious elephant balancing the tube, gave one to it beats it pushed and it for it are. With the nose bleeding, but still laughing, it went down the stairs running, he left the building and he continued running until sliding in a water puddle and falling of coasts in the soil. Governor Cuomo insists that this is the case. With the doloridos coasts and the nose, it if he dragged for the soil and if he leaned I sing against it of a wall, in the penumbra. Next he had a garbage can where he has left a infinity of ackward odors. It thought about Regina and the perfume that it used. One did not remember more than perfume was. Feeling itself tired, he arranged themselves and he emptied the mind, catching in sleep.

    He woke up with the sun beating in its face and with two youngsters inclined on it. One of them revistava its pockets while the other took off of its pulse the clock. It rose itself fast looking for to recoup its good, but he was repelled and pushed. It gave a step stops backwards and felt the soil to escape of under the feet. He fell in a culvert, falling down disastrously from a high place in a dark place, wet mal-cheiroso and. It slid in the mud, falling seated. Turning over, it looked at for both the sides of the gallery where it only had darknesses, darknesses that seemed to occult something threatening and nauseabundo. It arose fast, raised the arms and held itself in the edges of the culvert. Hoisting itself for top, he left the culvert and the alley. Arriving at the avenue he saw a woman who seemed to be Regina, transiting for the other sidewalk. Anxious to speak with it, it ran to cross the street. The driver of the car braked, but she did not have as to prevent the shock. Rubens was played to a distance of four meters. With the lung perforateed for a broken rib, it arquejou, trying to call the woman. The proper driver telephoned calling an ambulance. The noise of the wheels of the car braking in asphalt despertou the attention of Regina. It around saw the agglomeration of people of a man fallen in the soil, but its former-husband did not recognize. As he did not like to attend tragedies as that one, prevented to look at and followed its way. Rubens still obtained to see when it folded it the esquina. It wanted to say stops it who would go to change its behavior, would make everything so that it came back, but did not obtain. The breeze brought the perfume to it of Regina. – Lavender! It before dying murmured. END Antonio stegues baptist

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    The Car

    It was excessively, was hours thinking about it and attending everything there. When she left in the following day, took the garbage bag with the clothes that had used in the day that was to the shed. She went down until the garage and she inside played the bag of the lixeira. Later she left and she was to find the Tati, them went to the cinema. She came back late and she did not repair in a man stopped in the entrance of the building, before the sentry box. As soon as she passed for it, recognized the voice. – And there boy, you needing more money? – For that you here? – Necessary to make a delivery today and I remembered you. Topa for 200? – You not needing grana.

    Debtor. – Which is expensive, goes to refuse? I helped another day you, today who you needing I am. – He helped! I delivered the package and the face died. How it goes to help me to find when me? To kill it goes me? – How this, my brother! Spark was alone. Piranha that it tava with it is who must have placed very heavy thing launches in it. If it binds, this is very bad for the businesses! – I know not.

    Where it is the delivery? – Now, we start understanding in them, I today have one for and another one for tomorrow, if to topar the two takes 500. – Top. But not return here. I go to the shed, you on one? – Clearly, he commands. You order. He comes with me then until the car, you with the part here. They look in return before if moving away. Data made the two deliveries and took the Tati supper in a beautiful restaurant. In the following week, others two and gave entered in a motion with the credits.

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    He says that the girl I push muleque a little in the front of it, was looking at it strangely and it continued, spoke well in ouvidinho of it, whispering pra to be more caliente ' ' He is that today I you giving sopa&#039 to you; '. Until it seems joke, in the reality is a joke, but also it is a fact This friend am not I ok? He fits to remember Truthful fact! Good, it finishes dance, it finishes balacobaco, thin and it rolls, and according to my friend, ' ' vi a woman to never laugh in such a way in my life and my front ' '. Sung, they have of funniest, until more without notion ' ' Your father is the owner of the Mcdonalds? Not? Pq I love everything very this? ' '. Your name is lie? Not, pq? Pq vc is very pretty pra to be truth I am not Ita bank, but I was made pra you Good-looking Oi Wise person who if you were a snack, you would be X-Princess? – T seeing that face there? It answers: – Yes, pq? Ae vc says: – It wanting to know if you to you wants to be with me! =P Or This is most rotten and pra to close this article that still I myself I ask myself, pq still continues writing and you pq still continue reading, but all good We go to jump this part. – Vc like Todinho? – Yes, pq? – Pq today I am Todinho Its! With affection, By Juliano? The loving council member

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