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    Opening Policy Progressive

    In Europe the Liberal NP adjective means man’s right. In United States, as there has never been a real political consciousness, it is obvious there is not an identifiable boundary between left and right or, much less, between policy regressive or progressive. On the other hand it is clear that our model of democracy (so with lowercase), our model of political institutions, our models of political parties, our model of political regime and, in general, all our other models, both public and private, are a strange mixture of photocopies of models in developed countries (primarily United States and some European countries), applied to the force to a different Colombian reality, in many aspects, all the others. Therefore the exportation model newly implanted in our economy, does not constitute an exception to what was said. Imposed for the Monetary Fund or free and spontaneous of the Government Act to pander to the industrialized countries? Say one thing or the other may be somewhat exaggerated. But something is certain: this economic policy began to be applied in a manner considerably accelerated without any serious study on the impact it would have on all sectors of the Colombian economy and, much less, doing a cursory calculation of social costs that she must have in a short and medium term.

    Often spoken of that without these measures Colombia would remain behind in the international context. He is said by its proponents, that we must be in tune with the evolution of economic modern trends if we want to get out of backwardness in which we are mired. But those who say it are unaware of or interpret a little bad the current reality of the world. To not pose traveled man or expert direct connoisseur of everyday life of many republics I’m just quoting the document of the ECON society?MICA’S FRIENDS FROM PA?S, day 31 of March of this year: paradoxically, the neo-liberal policy in Colombia is accentuated when in the world and in particular in the Nations where was born and was applied to fullness–Britain and the United States–begins to be rejected or seriously challenged by their negative results.

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