The Art Of Perfume

    To get a small and delicious bottle of perfume a series of steps that begin should be with the collection of ingredients that gives us nature, continues with the harmonization of fragrances and finally achieves the delicate and fine processing of the product. But a perfume is much more than a balanced process, is a story of aromas that combined the past and the present, is a universe of sensations that we refer to a very intense, intimate and unique moment. By that when we choose a perfume put into operation a series of decisions that do not go only by scent or color but are more beyond of our senses. We put in play the emotions, personality, our most hidden desires and our desire to be desired and identified by this special fragrance. Also choose a perfume is an art and can be exciting, it can take us for a road full of flowers, fruits and colors but also requires certain method because the fragrance you choose will be part of our lifestyle. For this reason the experts they have a series of tips or advice that will help us in this magical adventure. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Patricia Kessler Poppe. ** The best time to test a perfume is first thing in the morning because our olfactory faculties are more sensitized and the ideal is to go without any fragrance to avoid mixtures of flavourings.

    * Ideally not test more than two or three fragrances at a time because smell is lost and the aromas are confused. * It is always best to spray a little in the air and let yourself be inundate by fragrance, see what sensations awakens us and if we would like to smell that way. ** If you want to test in the skin, place is in the wrists but without rubbing them for preserving the essence of perfume. Another place to try is the fold of the elbow. In both cases, should leave the fragrance 10 minutes before smelling and just then perceiving how remains in our skin. * A perfume has a structure, a component and a feature. Agree to them can choose between the fresh and citrus with ingredients such as orange, tangerine or lemon, which are easy evaporation. The floral that vary from dry to sweet. And compounds by spices, which are intense and mannered.

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