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    Executive Women

    It is a hotel of 3 *, but their service and professionalism deserve 6 *! Note that there is an exquisite treatment culture, from the reception, the breakfast buffet all and each one of the professionals that we attended in a careful way and trying to solve our problems, and that should not be a coincidence. Room spacious, very clean, with a silence to the rest that you don’t always find. Well located, accessible, with many nearby services. The variety, quality, fast replacement, breakfast buffet giving you (the good) coffee and juice if wanted to repeat. Thought also for business (breakfasts and dinners at unmatched prices), even with special rooms for Executive Women (accessories hairdressing room, etc), to travel with few things! Yes that innovate, Yes. I spend the day traveling throughout the territory, but I confess that I regret not do it more often by Huelva, to return! Congratulations!How to make exquisite, until a work stay!.

    The Art Of Perfume

    To get a small and delicious bottle of perfume a series of steps that begin should be with the collection of ingredients that gives us nature, continues with the harmonization of fragrances and finally achieves the delicate and fine processing of the product. But a perfume is much more than a balanced process, is a story of aromas that combined the past and the present, is a universe of sensations that we refer to a very intense, intimate and unique moment. By that when we choose a perfume put into operation a series of decisions that do not go only by scent or color but are more beyond of our senses. We put in play the emotions, personality, our most hidden desires and our desire to be desired and identified by this special fragrance. Also choose a perfume is an art and can be exciting, it can take us for a road full of flowers, fruits and colors but also requires certain method because the fragrance you choose will be part of our lifestyle. For this reason the experts they have a series of tips or advice that will help us in this magical adventure. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Patricia Kessler Poppe. ** The best time to test a perfume is first thing in the morning because our olfactory faculties are more sensitized and the ideal is to go without any fragrance to avoid mixtures of flavourings.

    * Ideally not test more than two or three fragrances at a time because smell is lost and the aromas are confused. * It is always best to spray a little in the air and let yourself be inundate by fragrance, see what sensations awakens us and if we would like to smell that way. ** If you want to test in the skin, place is in the wrists but without rubbing them for preserving the essence of perfume. Another place to try is the fold of the elbow. In both cases, should leave the fragrance 10 minutes before smelling and just then perceiving how remains in our skin. * A perfume has a structure, a component and a feature. Agree to them can choose between the fresh and citrus with ingredients such as orange, tangerine or lemon, which are easy evaporation. The floral that vary from dry to sweet. And compounds by spices, which are intense and mannered.

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    The Development And Education

    When we saw the issue of the Decalogue of development, I think that the majority had already made the main questions, are why we are still underdeveloped having so much wealth in the country?, because European countries that do not possess even half of natural resources that we have, or territorially speaking arrive having dimensions such as ours, can be world powers?, how despite having suffered no more than 60 years ago a war that devasto them?they could recover their economies as soon?. It is true that most of these countries have age-old cultural traditions and ours don’t. It is frightened figures that are handled as official as soon as it corresponds to educational indices and compared with any other European country, and even I could say the same Latin America. What we see today is a reflection of the deterioration that continues in the country and it is sad to see that we are going backwards instead of improving. Although there are companies that offer cutting-edge technology do so because they are transnational which have contact with the globalised world, competing in a market world and left behind for them would mean death, financially speaking. The rest of the country this submerged or it is rather, to my point of view, submerging in a vast mediocrity without end, just turn on the television and take a look at national television programs, that do not contribute anything educational and only generate youth misconceptions, apathy and apathy to improve their current living conditions.

    My hope is that now people concerned about a change in educational systems, precisely because they have access to other sources of information and is one of the good things in this globalized world, information flows, already cannot be stopped. I hope that each who become aware of the preparation that should receive to improve and strive for a better use of resources and at the same time search for a sustainable development, for the benefit of future generations. As each who will take conscience of this, I think that he could forge a change, after all drop in drop the sea is full.

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    Junior Suite

    A walk through time. Driving classic and sports cars by the volcanic region of Calatrava, by visiting the castles that once occupied the order. A unique experience, from the best possible Foundation: a charming hotel of five stars, built in the late 18th century, neoclassical and cut rationalist. Hotel daring, exclusive, intimate, discreet, beautiful, romantic, surprising, authentic, cozy, spacious, classic, where beauty is palpable. And artistic, how not, because that has more than 5000 m2 of exhibition of works of art. You can enjoy in the hotel’s cultural experiences through an arts classroom, a library of art and contemporary philosophy, a contemporary art gallery, an enchanted’s sculpture garden and an incredible volcanic maze excavated under ground. Some aesthetic and ancient materials have been respected with scruples. The rooms, entirely original, combine ornaments of glass and cast iron with elements medieval, Baroque headboards and garish colors.

    Of course boast the most complete equipment: air conditioning, TV flat screen, phone direct Junior Suite rooms have fireplace and room. Each of the rooms is raised as a small exhibition sample of a different painter, which are part of the funds of the Museum of the hotel, and can also be purchased. From this exceptional starting point, you can enjoy a romantic stroll with your partner at the wheel of a classic car, visiting the castles in the area which during seven centuries controlled the order of Calatrava. The cars available are: Morgan, Triumph, Dogde, Vincent and Cadillac. After a small break on route, and enjoying a small picnic, regresareis to the Hotel. You’ll have all afternoon to rest and enjoy a few repairers massages, and so to whet appetite for dinner in the pleasant restaurant. There are two types of packages with various possibilities of accommodation. Choose from one or two castles and the duration tour with classic cars, from 495,00 euros two persons.

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    Whashington Monument

    Washington D.C. is the capital of USA and the center of the political life of the country. Its construction began in the 18th century and was planned and designed to become the permanent capital of the USA. The metropolitan area of Whashington has a population of some 5.3 million inhabitants, it is the eighth largest city in the country. The area more known by tourists is the National Mall, where most of the city’s museums, as well as some of the most emblematic monuments in American history, such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Memorial dedicated to the Veterans of the Viet Nam Guerra, or Whashington Monument, a tribute to George Washington. The museums include the National Air & Space Museum, the most visited among North American museums, the National Gallery of Art, with works by artists from the middle ages to the present day, and the National Museum of the American Indian, which tells the story and the culture of the natives of the Americas since its discovery until the contemporary era. Neither be forgotten historical buildings such as the Capitol Hill, seat of the Senate for more than 200 years, and of course the White House, to which George Washington wanted to convert in the residence of us Presidents, although ironically was the only President who never came to live there. This city is bursting with culture and the best is that the entrance to almost all museums and Government buildings is completely free. In addition, Washington is easy to visit, through modern means of public transport, metro, buses and light rail, both on foot, because the streets that cross from North to South are numbered and carry most of which cross from East to West by name the letters of the alphabet. Washington D.

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