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    Sales Coach Training

    Sales employees and teams to achieve excellence to accompany sales people and teams to achieve excellence”is the motto of a new and unique in this form of training (ifsm) developed by the Institute for management of the sale and to which we now for the first time can log on. The new program is the first professional systemic sales – Coaching training in German-speaking countries. Ifsm thus finally closes a gap in the education market for key players in the distribution, so executives, Branch Manager /-inside, qualified indoor and field staff, controller, staff developers, trainers, and sales representatives. In the framework of five seminar modules exactly tailored to the needs of the target group, the participants acquire sales coach”title, one in the industry long-awaited objective qualification characteristic. Also the approach of the ifsm founder and Managing Director Klaus Kissel and Uwe Reusche is exceptional. Her guiding principle every human being deserves appreciation and respect for his Uniqueness”is also in the course of training sales coach” program. The total twenty days of seminar participants learn individual solutions for individual sales problems to develop. You draw up a Coachingstil which gives help to self-help unless an effective new customer acquisition in dealing with clients with a difficult job situation, or with the development of a high performance sales team.

    The focus of our work is finding its own solutions”, emphasize Uwe Reusche, Klaus Kissel which bring both intensive experience in all areas of distribution. Their goal is to give the necessary tools in the hand the participants of the seminars, they need to build powerful productive sales units, in which the work of all employees is fun.

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    Title Graduates

    Klaus Resch Verlag published in 3. Edition be manual for trainee programs presents the reference national and international companies of all sizes and industries at a glance and has equally quickly established itself in graduates and companies. New ideas come from Unilever, continental, Carl Zeiss, Vodafone and Thyssen Krupp. This year again there are including MAHLE, LIDL, A.S.I and Lorenz Snack World. Engineers see trainee graduates as trainee positions as an economist. But it should also graduates of other disciplines not deter, to inform themselves on the basis of the book. The publication can be used for the General search and a first comparative overview, as well as targeted dealt with the activities of certain companies.

    A trainee profile there for each represented company. To meet the search behavior of all candidates, they are about the Print Edition, online at berufsstart.de. The profiles call contact person and contact information, Title of the program, business sector and the selected fields of study. For the detailed research can students who read usual number of participants per year and details to trace, missions abroad and starting salary. In addition to the profiles there are testimonials from former trainees or detailed individual presentations also.

    Who wants to argue his job search on graduates trainee, the book receives for free on numerous job fairs, and at universities in all over Germany. They are available in career services and other advice agencies for students in institutes, faculties, examination offices or university libraries. Alternatively, the job market on (shipping charge) can be ordered. Interested should be however not too much time when ordering, because so far, graduates trainee was always quickly sold out. This is because the attractive hardcover design in which all graduates appear publications. This year also offers a trip to New York. To the Theatrical release of Wall Street never sleeps money”on the 21.10.2010, the action is jointly organised by Twentieth Century Fox Germany, butterfly travel and berufsstart.de.

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    Germany Information

    Earn with their own eBook money produce information products on the Internet who has can qualified expert knowledge thereof and with such Internet business ideas opens a permanent and profitable source of income. The eBook Guide eBook shop on eBookPassage.de show which roads lead to success. Search the Internet three quarters of the population in our language for information. With the help of this largest knowledge database, users hope for fast and accurate answers to your questions, solutions to their problems, notes on meeting their needs. Earn money on the Internet with information products clever manufacturer of information products use these facts and earn with their expert knowledge in the form of eBooks money on the Internet.

    For example the market sites, eBay, Amazon, Google, and which show that successfully money, too much money can the Internet, Otto. This gushing money sources have all something in common, they provide useful information. Even small online shops can be Pick up market share, which holds the Internet for them. Who packed his knowledge into information products as an expert, can open up a vein of gold is so. The eBook Guide on the eBookPassage.de for example help to solve problems. Any practical help can get in the fields of Internet, motivation, debt, money and success. The author describes how he had to seek yourself solution ways to extricate itself from clutches and imbalances. His experiences, job AIDS, and documentation are excellent practice for all those who come up with these topics in contact.

    A booming market in America Internet business ideas with information products such as counselors, guidance, instructions, manuals and special reports in the form of eBooks and websites is a booming market in America. As always, this wave will spill delayed even after Germany. It is sold knowledge in special areas.

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    Speakers From Motorsport: Concentrated Competence At The Speaker Agency Five Star Speakers

    The speaker agency 5 star speakers from Dillingen/Danube is the specialist in event, keynote speaking and lectures on the subject of Motorsport and motivation. Known names from the motor sport scene, such as the successful DTM racing driver Martin Tomczyk, race engineer Alexander Stehlig, and Arno Zensen, team manager of team Rosberg DTM, to just to name a few, provide their knowledge and expertise in the areas of motivation and team at five star speakers spirit. Because is in motor sport as in the economy: high performance and sustainable achievements are possible only in the team. 5 star keynotes and events with team spirit 5 star speakers gathered well-known personalities from the Motorsport under the umbrella of the Agency. A prominent example is the professional race car driver and 5 star speaker Martin Tomczyk. When the professional racing driver Martin Tomczyk as Audi driver in the DTM, he was the youngest DTM driver of ever.

    Today, he is a fixture in the German motor sport. Martin Tomczyk stands for team spirit, mental power, focus on what needs to be done and team communication. These are also key factors for successful companies. In his lectures on the subject of success, motivation and achievement, Speaker Martin Tomczyk sets out the relationship between success in motor sports and the economy. Or keynote speaker Alexander Sanford.

    He belongs to the most competent vehicle and race engineers of German Motorsport, DTM specifically. As a speaker at 5 star he conveys speakers/sports speakers what it means, under high pressure, with strategy and planning, new technical developments, which can decide on the line to bring about victory or defeat and how important is teamwork and communication. Motor sport is often as a guest commentator on the television to see expert. He acted also as live companion of the free practice sessions of formula 1 speaker Tina Thorner is one of the world’s best rally co-driver on Sport1.

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