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    Covert Operations Essentials

    Many faced the problem of not knowing! In this article I will tell you how to install addons. 1) Download WinRAR 2) Install 3) Unpack archives. Click 'Extract files …' 4) They would extract the 'Desktop'. In my case the folder 'ChatBar' 6) Go to the folder in WoW folder and find the Interface. It should be a folder Addons. If not, create it. 7) Now transfer to the folder Addons folder on your desktop.

    8) cut in addons in the game and all. To enable / disable the addon in the game: 1. Uwe Brings brings even more insight to the discussion. Log in to your account 2. After loading in the lower left corner will be red Knoop. Click on it.

    In the window that appears, set / remove the check mark. Site with addons: Supplement (sleng. addon) (English Expansion pack, add-on) – add different game material to an existing game. Most add-ons add new levels, weapons, characters, or the continuation of the story of the original. The developer of the original game may or may not participate in the creation of add-ons and outsourcing the work to third-party company, or undertake the development itself (for example, Hellfire for Diablo and Lord of Destruction for Diablo II). One of the first add-ons (but not the first) in the history of computer games is Wing Commander: The Secret Missions, published in 1991. Price add-ons are usually less than the cost of the original game. But most mods require the original game to install. If the game has a few additions, new often include all the previous ones (for example, The Sims Mega Deluxe includes The Sims with The Sims: Livin 'Large, The Sims: House Party and The Sims: Hot Date). Such collections are the most favorable for the players, but publishers carefully include additions that have sold in the market. Some supplements do not require the original game to use the new features, for example, Blue Shift for Half-Life or Rainbow Six: Covert Operations Essentials for Rainbow Six. These additions are called "autonomous" (born stand-alone). Most add-ons available for video games, but add-ons are also made for video game consoles and. This trend has increased dramatically especially when you start popular online services such as Xbox Live. For example addition of Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack, which adds nine new maps and updates for the game, available only to users of Xbox Live. However, most often on consoles, game companies add new features in the original game and republish it, for example, Wipeout 3: Special Edition and Metal Gear Solid: Integral. The term "add-on-sequel", is sometimes used to describe the full game, most of the sequel, which continues the storyline of the previous game has new levels, characters and features, but its gameplay and graphics have remained virtually unchanged (for example, Doom II). The term is also used to describe the new games that will be issued after the original game, but before the official sequel. K example, Armored Core was released after Armored Core: Project Phantasma and Armored Core: Master of Arena, but before the Armored Core 2. Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 – The first expansion, released for the PlayStation. The game required to insert the disk London, then insert the original CD Grand Theft Auto, and then re-insert the disk London.

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    Ms Word Vs Notepad

    Quite a long time I wrote my posts in MS Word, then copy and paste to blogger (blogspot). Now I do not advise anyone to do that. Why? Because Word inserts a lot of unnecessary code. Not only is it overly complicated and heavy-handed code formatting text, so even the creation of Microsoft throws a bunch of left-code … Gain insight and clarity with Barry Nalebuff. How to lose? Outwardly, it may not appear at all, but at least it’s loading the page. In the worst case – the curvature of all possible manifestations. My Tip – You can write in Word, OpenOffice, and indeed in anything, but then it is better to copy the text into Notepad (Notepad), and only then inserted into the editor of your blog. No matter what blog-hosting your blog – on a free blogspot or off with engine wordpress, in any case it is better not neglect the of the ‘small change’. The text pasted from notepad, guaranteed to deliver us from gemoroya, of course, be added, because it will finally format the message in the box Editor’s blog, but this is not a useless job! Another read: As a beginner to start to attract visitors to your blog?

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    NetPromoter Information

    If you use the new software from NetPromoter, no one except you will not have access to your statistics, ie it is only you and only you. In addition, you will be safe from a sudden and permanent loss of all data, it is quite possible, if they are stored and processed one knows where (on foreign servers when working with external counters). Read additional details here: G.E.Corporation. Also, all statistics will be at your disposal for as long as you need it, but not as much poses the condition of "provider" of statistical services. Can the average user independently dispose of the huge volume of information received? Hardly. He has a priori understanding of the intricacies of their business, but you can not expect that he will be able without preparation handle a variety of statistical data. From a practical point of view, the difference between s inability to obtain information and inability to decipher it, that is actually used, in fact.

    That is why additional practical opportunities to work with the resulting statistics are included in the original package. This step removes some of the questions, but does not solve the whole problem. How can the best use of all the possibilities now available to the user online statistics? The answer, oddly enough, one. Caesar what is Caesar's. It is necessary to shift all the problems on the shoulders of professionals. And in this relationship just in time have advertised NetPromoter comprehensive approach to working with clients. Software and services offered by the company, provide full cycle of monitoring, analysis, implementation of the (now classic version), or in this case, statistics, analysis, optimization.

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    Style Windows

    Immediately after installing the operating system, Windows 7 will be invited to join it by clicking on the icon for your account on the Welcome screen. Accounts are for convenience of the computer a few people. Each a user logging in to your account, can customize the interface on their own and store files in personal folders. When protecting your account password no one can log in under your name and access to personal documents. More information about the accounts we will talk later, but for now let us return to the Welcome screen. If you are the only user of your computer and your account is not password protected, and subsequent loads the welcome screen appears and login will always be executed in your name.

    After loading the operating system happens to pop up the desktop and taskbar with located on it from the Start and the notification area. When you first open the Windows 7 desktop can only see one icon – basket. As you work on a computer user himself puts icons on the desktop, they can also automatically added when you install the software. Let's get acquainted with the style of Windows Aero – one of the key elements of the interface, which was reached on Windows Vista. Contact information is here: Jeff Gennette. Windows Aero offers stunning visual effects and makes the new operating system pleasant and convenient. Translucent windows and the Start menu, the new color scheme, the effect of Flip, sketches of windows on the taskbar, animation, working with windows (folding, unfolding, closing) – all these opportunities provided by the style Windows Aero, so familiar to those who dare to install a heavy and "voracious Windows Vista.

    Transparency title becomes noticeable when you move a window over the objects located below – they Fuzzy contents can be seen under the effect of the active window Flip business card of Windows 7. Flip is designed to ensure ease of switching between a large number of open windows, as orient in a large sketch is much easier than in many toolbar buttons. To perform scrolling, press the key combination Windows + Tab. As a result, the desktop will appear three-dimensional sketches of the open windows. More details with illustrations: windowstat.ucoz.ru still holding klavishy Windows, press Tab or scroll the mouse wheel to scroll through thumbnails. When the desired sample is moved to the front, release the Windows. As a result, sketch plane of the screen will move in and unfold through the window. To perform scrolling without holding the keys Windows, click klavish combination Ctrl + Windows + Tab (it is easier to browse). Continued to the next article. Source: windowstat.ucoz.ru

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    CIA Director Dulles

    Konstantin Polyakov. e-mail: Best program to spy on the phone. Unique opportunities spyder-pv. Spy software. Best of its kind. AND description of anything …

    In spring 1955 the resident CIA Major Shelton on one of his agents found that 500 meters from the border of the American sector in West Berlin in the district Rudov is the main telephone cable connection between the main military headquarters and main administrative center of the Soviet zone. This cable allows you to simultaneously carry 432 telephone conversations. But to connect to this phone line, required a very complex and diverse equipment. And do it in front of Soviet and East German border guards were almost impossible. But since it was quite an attractive object for intelligence gathering, competent American Yet experts have begun to develop a plan to connect to a phone line.

    Finally, the summer of 1954, CIA Director Dulles, in accordance with the recommendations of experts decided to start construction of the tunnel. To camouflage the place of his strip began to erect a new radar station U.S. Air Force. Tunnel at a depth of 6 meters, was connected with Rudov Alt-Glienicke. The most difficult in the construction were to get rid of the huge amount of land removed from the gallery. First, it dropped to the station, then began to export in containers. The digging of the tunnel took 7 months, and completed February 25, 1955. The tunnel had a diameter of about 180 centimeters. Its walls were collected from the docked sheets of galvanized steel and in addition were surrounded with sandbags. Structure was soundproof., Equipped with fluorescent lights and air conditioning. Worked elektropompy's ore for pumping water. In the operating room set a few switches. They recorded the information from the three underground cables, each of which passes a telegraph and four telephone lines. On the walls of the tunnel at a distance of 20 meters apart were installed listening devices. Intercepted conversations were recorded on 600 tape, placed in the storeroom. Every day, it takes 1200 man-hours and 800 reels of film. In Washington, the 50 employees who held the CIA fluent German and Russian, were records that would extract useful information. The official version of Soviet defenses, the tunnel was discovered April 22, 1956 Year patrol duty during the control round. Some time the Soviet Union and East Germany used the tunnel as propaganda, demonstrating his foreign nationals and citizens of the GDR as a clear evidence U.S. perfidy. But in June 9, 1956 goal tunnel was closed to public access. As it turned out, the Soviet Union learned of the existence of the tunnel much earlier still in 1955 by his agent, George Blake, and no doubt use this information to their advantage.

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    Tax Code

    This accounting treatment of these funds does not apply to the acquisition by this source of depreciable property. If this occurs, the funds received are recorded as revenue as the recognition of the cost of depreciable property. In case of violation of the conditions for obtaining funds provided by the new state received the full amount reflected in the income tax period in which the violation. If after the third period, the tax amount received funds in question, exceeds the amount of expenditures reported, actually made from this source, the difference between these sums in full reflected in the composition of the non-operating income tax period. From 01.01.2010 PIT revenue is not recognized by the borrower (his successor) indebtedness under the credit agreement, accrued interest and recognized by the court fines, penalties, amortization lender beneficiary at the expense of the insurance benefit. These are insurance contracts entered into by the borrower in case of death or disability, as well as property insurance contracts is to ensure borrower's obligations (mortgage).

    Provided that the exemption from personal income tax applies only to the amount of debt the borrower, accrued interest and penalties recognized by the court (new paragraph 48.1 of Art. 217 Tax Code). This change does not apply to employers as tax agents, and therefore should not be reflected in the "salary" programs. Electronic VAT invoices – in the future Tax Code now provides for the possibility preparation and invoicing electronically. Law 229FZvneseny changes to Article 169 NKRF. Invoices can be prepared in electronic form by mutual agreement of the parties of the transaction and if they have compatible technical means and facilities for reception and processing of invoices in accordance with established formats and procedures.

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