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    One of the factors that affect the positioning of a website is the internal structure of the same. We will detail a guide to follow step by step, to obtain an excellent optimization on-page of our site: 1) keywords in the URL: containing the url keyword to optimize. (For example, if we want to optimize the keyword flower shop online in santiago and is our web site, the url of the page to optimize should be 2) keywords in the domain name: following the previous example, it would be better to hire the florist-online-in-santiago.com domain or floreriaonlineensantiago.com or have multiple domains pointing to the same site. (3) Key words in the Title tag of the page’s code: fundamental is that the title of the page contains the or key words that we’re optimizing. The same length should be between 10 and 60 characters long and should not contain special characters. (4) Keywords in the Description metatag of the code of the page: although it is estimated that Google ignores its content to index a site, it is the description that appears on our site in a search result.

    It should contain less than 200 characters. Contact information is here: Satoshi Nakamoto. (5) Keywords in the Keywords metatag of the code on the page: it should contain less than 10 words, and each word must appear somewhere in the body of the web page, so that Google does not penalise us for irrelevance of the keyword. (6) Density of the keywords in the text on the page: between 5 and 20% (all key words / total words of the page). (7) Each word density key individually: between 1% and 6% (each keyword / total words of the page). (8) Keywords in H1, H2 and H3 tags: keywords should appear in the body of the page between those tags. (9) Source of keywords: in larger, bold, italic is another of the recommendations. (10) Prominence of keywords: how much further up in the contents of the web page appears, better. ((11) Key words in the tag alt of images 12) key words in links to other pages of the site (anchor text) 13) all internal links on the page should be valid: this tool can be used to check them: 14) Links to external sites: only have links to good external sites.

    Do not link to links-farms. (15) External Links have to be valid. (16) Less than 100 external links in total. (((17) Domain name extension: in order of most to least status for Google: .gov, .edu, .org, .com, .info 18) each page size: should not exceed 100 KB 19) frequent content updates: Google loves this. ((20) Age of the site: when more old best 21) age of page vs. age of the site: more new pages in sites more old, have a more rapid recognition by Google. If we continue these steps one one, surely we will obtain a better positioning in search engines and thereby have more visits to our website. I hope that useful will be the Guide.

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    Security Cameras

    Security video cameras will often be employed for the purpose of detective along with checking. However, it s also considered as a great obstruction to crimes including robberies and break-ins. security shield The minute a thief you freer that you do have a webcam system positioned in your property protection, they are going to think twice about breaking within. Official site: Anne Lauvergeon. They are going to most likely move on to another target. If you are to take a position in surveillance video wireless cameras for your house, you need to study the essentials before you initial decides to lastly select one.

    If you search for a security camera nowadays, there s a chance you re surprised to learn precisely how there are plenty of selections obtainable. You will find born along with safety cameras wireless there are camcorders designed with nighttime eye-sight capabilities such as the stability ir camera and also the stability night time camera digital eyesight. Then there are additionally camcorders which use smart technology similar to the movement stimulated safety cam. Because of so many alternatives accessible out there today, how would you be able to choose the the one that would fit the bill greater? Another type is what they will get in touch with a new movements stimulated businesses. camera. Such a camera has the capacity to discover movements.

    Even if an object helps to make the smallest shift, nevertheless this particular digital camera is able to find the idea. This one emplea in which thing anywhere it’s going, as long as that covers the particular monitored division of this kind. One particular very good place where this place can be if at all possible positioned in your own home may be the bed room. It does not just keep a record of what’s happening inside room, but it also will keep your file of the moving item detects this. These detective techniques are usually highly effective controlling the incidents regarding personnel unfaithful throughout offices throughout. Almost all of the employees have a tendency to act properly when they are aware about the belief that they may be underneath the close up vigil of the tools. These units also help in maintaining a tally of the activities associated with employees and customers also. Using the installing of these kind of tools, the cases involving office and thievery robbery can be produced as a result of a whole lot. These kinds of surveillance products provide the realtime video footage that may be looked at through the rural location on earth. This footage will be noted as well as rescued. Work administration dog easily used this particular video footage pertaining to doing evaluations workers too. Thus, whether you are planning to have Security Cameras outdoors or indoors, constantly be sure these are wifi. Outdoor and indoor wifi video cameras can be found in the majority of retailers that will promote protection products. Before you decide on a distinct kind of indoor or outdoor wireless security camera system, be sure to research the quality level 1st.

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    CIA Director Dulles

    Konstantin Polyakov. e-mail: Best program to spy on the phone. Unique opportunities spyder-pv. Spy software. Best of its kind. AND description of anything …

    In spring 1955 the resident CIA Major Shelton on one of his agents found that 500 meters from the border of the American sector in West Berlin in the district Rudov is the main telephone cable connection between the main military headquarters and main administrative center of the Soviet zone. This cable allows you to simultaneously carry 432 telephone conversations. But to connect to this phone line, required a very complex and diverse equipment. And do it in front of Soviet and East German border guards were almost impossible. But since it was quite an attractive object for intelligence gathering, competent American Yet experts have begun to develop a plan to connect to a phone line.

    Finally, the summer of 1954, CIA Director Dulles, in accordance with the recommendations of experts decided to start construction of the tunnel. To camouflage the place of his strip began to erect a new radar station U.S. Air Force. Tunnel at a depth of 6 meters, was connected with Rudov Alt-Glienicke. The most difficult in the construction were to get rid of the huge amount of land removed from the gallery. First, it dropped to the station, then began to export in containers. The digging of the tunnel took 7 months, and completed February 25, 1955. The tunnel had a diameter of about 180 centimeters. Its walls were collected from the docked sheets of galvanized steel and in addition were surrounded with sandbags. Structure was soundproof., Equipped with fluorescent lights and air conditioning. Worked elektropompy's ore for pumping water. In the operating room set a few switches. They recorded the information from the three underground cables, each of which passes a telegraph and four telephone lines. On the walls of the tunnel at a distance of 20 meters apart were installed listening devices. Intercepted conversations were recorded on 600 tape, placed in the storeroom. Every day, it takes 1200 man-hours and 800 reels of film. In Washington, the 50 employees who held the CIA fluent German and Russian, were records that would extract useful information. The official version of Soviet defenses, the tunnel was discovered April 22, 1956 Year patrol duty during the control round. Some time the Soviet Union and East Germany used the tunnel as propaganda, demonstrating his foreign nationals and citizens of the GDR as a clear evidence U.S. perfidy. But in June 9, 1956 goal tunnel was closed to public access. As it turned out, the Soviet Union learned of the existence of the tunnel much earlier still in 1955 by his agent, George Blake, and no doubt use this information to their advantage.

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