Month: April 2014


Frightening times in Germany 2010 had to learn a profession at that time, it could feed the family as a family man and was more or less hedged against poverty. In times of vacuumed. Global economic crisis threatens almost every social descent. Not even a degree prevents this horror scenario. But it is often also the municipalities themselves, that still promote this poverty area by migrants and socially weaker citizens in certain areas are literally clenched together.

To mitigate, so-called “ordinary people” are located in hopes to stop tipping off entire neighbourhoods. So not poverty after and after, but poverty from the outset by incorrect allocation and irresponsible planning. You before closing the eyes and creates ghettos, freely according to the motto, “it going to be okay”. But it is important to sort out the ‘Poverty’ at the root. Incentives for youth through hard work and a proper education system (helps the students to develop without roll only stone in the pathway of life) to to take more accountable to parents and fostering education through targeted measures rather than simply demanding to create.

It must be created again more social responsibility in society, politics and business. While Karstadt and Hertie rolling heads at small earners, Manager – despite missing power – with Royal severance in the windfall summer break go. And then the general price trend, high rents, cost of living, to much taxes and levies, as “Otto-normal income earner” remains barely room to offer the children a good education. Why learn when later anyway only the unemployment beckons? Can be not addressed by empty promises and inaction that type of thinking. Here we all are, we give our youth but also all older people – fair chance through learning, hard work and employment to be able to lead a decent life.

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New Startup Companies

The Website Optimizer: SEM, SEO, usability with SENSational marketing can there be in the future a new term in the Internet marketing field. The startup company SENSational marketing focuses on search engine optimization as a core service and are available to companies from various sectors to the page. The Website Optimizer from SENSational marketing from Leverkusen do so gladly and with comprehensive solutions available. Founder of the startup company is the Dipl. kfm.

(FH) Bastian Sens. SENSational marketing has a current sense for trends on the Internet and thus sees the economic success of its customer focus. By competent advice to operational services in search engine marketing and customer loyalty, for example, help with email marketing, SENSational marketing takes care of its customers. The services are aimed primarily at companies who want to generate more sales with their own Internet presence. The search engine marketing includes the website optimization and switching in this area by Advertising through Google AdWords. Alone, the optimization can help better find the website under relevant keywords in Google & co.. The value can be set of regional and supra-regional keywords.

The page is better locate advertisements help to bring the company closer to potential new customers and communities of interest. The absolute advantage of company SENSational marketing lies in the integrated solution approach for the success of the Internet, which is extra prepared by experts on the needs of the company. For example, a new corporate identity for the web to be created, SENSational marketing is exactly the right partner for you. The aims and goals of our customers at all provided all services to the fore, so that they themselves can decide, are headed as the visitors of its website, what to see and what to click on. Ultimately many targets can be implemented if the own possibilities are known and researched in online marketing. Bastian Sens

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Granada Cars

There is a Spanish city of Granada. Almost unknown to us. But even less known to our ear and eye company Hurtan, which creates – no, sculpt! – Very unusual and beautiful cars based on Renault Clio. Do not believe me? Then Meet: Hurtan Grand Albaycin. Repair workshop, which is held in Granada, Spain's Juan Hurtado Gonzalez. Until 1992, the workshop was just the studio itself, until the aforesaid companion Hurtado Gonzalez not saved enough money for the production line exotic fantasies of 50-ies under the name Grand Albaycin.

Roadster with a plastic body mounted on a base of Renault Clio, same engine, with its 1.6 to 110 horsepower and fuel consumption in the region of 6.5 liters. If you want to ride all the same and not move – then Grand Albaycin can be ordered with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine at 182 power. But the meaning is not in the dynamics! The main value of Grand Albaycin – in his style. This car is for savoring the form and meaning, rather than the counting of fractions of seconds acceleration. Silhouette in the spirit of Salvador Dali with an admixture of English nostalgia Morgan and Jaguar 50-ies. What is then the difference in how much they pick up a hundred miles an hour? Much nicer and more appropriate in this roadster enjoy wind with the smell of blooming orange, feel perfectly tanned skin and hand-polished wood panels, holding the steering wheel of the time machine – because the Grand Albaycin transfers ownership to 50 years ago. At a time when the machines are not called the vehicle, and a line body was more important than graphics acceleration. Therefore, Juan Hurtado Gonzalez practiced only an individual approach with the maximum respect for tradition and a personal approach to clients. Most available Grand Albaycin found in Moscow – for him asking 163,000 dollars and no credit.

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Registration Of Companies

The first stage of registration of enterprises in which the interaction of the applicant and the registration authority, is the time of the applicant documents. Authority for registration, may exercise all District Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service. To obtain a certificate on state registration of the applicant company must first determine the specific body (the place) where you want to submit relevant documents. This issue is governed by paragraph 2 of Art. 54 of the Civil Code and pp 2 and 3 tbsp. 8 of the registration. As a general rule, to register a legal entity when it was created to apply to the authority of the Federal Tax service, the territorial jurisdiction of which extends to the location specified by the applicants in the application for state registration of the permanent executive body, in the case absence of such an executive body – to the place of another body or person authorized to act on behalf of the registered enterprises without authorization. So, before you register a legal entity Applicants must determine the location of the permanent executive body, which will be decisive in choosing a particular registration authority. If the creation of a permanent executive body of the constituent documents do not specify the legislation provides two options for determining the location of the registering body: 1) it must be related to place find another body authorized to act on behalf of the registered legal entity without a warrant (for example, the general meeting for limited liability companies), and 2) it must relate to location person is also entitled to act on behalf of the registered legal entity without a warrant (for example, the manager, the sole executive body of economic society on the basis of the contract).

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Angel Institute

Together with mentors, we would bring it closer to the StartUp practice the participants and support them with our experience on their way to the company. We look forward IS the weekly sessions here with us at YOU NOW and are excited, founder of interesting and innovative ideas know to learn. “, so Stefan Lemper, head of incubator / YOU IS NOW at Scout24.” “Our research shows that Munich is a very interesting market for new technology companies,” says ADEO Raftari, founder & CEO of the founder Institute. Munich is connected investors through new incubators, co-working surfaces, the many research and innovation organizations with access to venture capital firms and Angel. All this shows excellent potential for Munich as a second German Site for the program.” Founder Institute contact: Jan C. KuSTER contact YOU IS NOW: Jan Paul Schmidt of the founder Institute which founder Institute is a StartUp Accelerator and global network of founders, the founders helps to create meaningful and sustainable enterprises. With the four month fcxi program, graduates can realize the dream of the company without it to terminate the existing job.

The students are thereby trained by experienced founders as mentors and accompanied. Our unique graduate liquidity pool helps graduates and mentors to work sustainably and this creates local teamwork structures in which promising new companies flourish. In just over three years the founder has helped institutions to launch 800 companies in 42 countries on five continents, making the Institute the largest global StartUp accelerator. Our goal is the globalization of Silicon Valley”by the opening of 1000 significant and sustainable businesses per year in over 50 cities around the world. About YOU IS NOW YOU NOW is the incubator of the Scout24 Group with offices in Munich and Berlin. Part of YOU IS NOW supported in the Scout24 Group of start-ups and founder with a financing of up to 500,000 and the know-how, the resources and reach of one of the leading corporate groups of online marketplaces in Europe. Participants receive for 12 months access to the entire Scout24 network and benefit in clear UN fourth packages of Scout24’s expertise, both in the areas of marketing and scale of development, HR, and other business functions.

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Goch Company

From startup to a global provider for advertising displays today ordered tomorrow provided”according to this principle operates a leading provider of solutions in the field of point-of-sale marketing and exhibition services the EasyShare display GmbH, company since 2003. From the startup company, a display trader with an international sales network and more than 30,000 satisfied customers worldwide was eight years. Meanwhile, the Hanover-based B2B company has subsidiaries in China (production / wholesale) and Colombia (wholesale). In 2009, the first site within your own franchise system was added in Ireland. The brand easy display stands worldwide for quality, product ease of use, good price / performance ratio, innovation and fast delivery times.

All stakeholders of the company benefit from this image, but until then, it was a long way off. EasyDisplay success story began in the summer of 2002, the twin brothers mark and Michael Goch, today managing partner, holiday in South Korea made. There they saw a so-called X-banner display, a promotional tool for the first time that was virtually unknown at that time in Germany. Inspired by the idea of distributing such innovative marketing solutions in Germany, Goch twins began setting up a startup company that distributes products through a modern, certified online shop after their return. A right idea at the right time.

Later, after easy display had entered the display market, Germany’s advertising industry experienced a rapid change: advertising displays for point-of-sale marketing were so in demand like never before. Many competitors came on the market, because despite the increasing focus on E-commerce offerings, Germany’s customers still preferred traditional purchase at the point of sale. Made a significant contribution to the promotion and make today still advertising such as banner displays, advertising banners, boards or racks of all products, they are among the core range of EasyShare display GmbH. Since increasing the company’s success from year to year, and the growth is noticeable for everyone: now more than 30 people from nine different Nations best conditions for the expansion of the brand easy display of Germany’s and Europe’s borders, work at the company headquarters in Hanover.

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Hofburg Pioneers

What are the most impressive 50 startups from 850 applications of the pioneers Festival startup challenge? The result of the pioneers challenge applications can be shown: over 850 ambitious start-up companies from every continent and from 58 countries who have applied! But only the 50 cream de la cream young entrepreneurs step within the framework of the pioneers Festival from 29-31 October in Vienna against each other on the 50 visionary startups from over 850 applications one never since unprecedented resonance there at the this year’s challenge, pioneers: 850-start-ups from every continent and from 58 countries have applied, but only 50 start-ups are invited to the pioneers Festival and thus are a piece of the winner prize of 25,000 euros and the pioneers award closer. The selection is international: eight teams of the 50 come from Germany, seven from Austria, four teams come from the United States and Spain. With three teams are startups from Russia, France and Britain represented, two teams come from Poland, Luxembourg, Italy and Sweden. And with ever a start up in the top 50 are Israel, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, India, representing Slovakia, Portugal, Switzerland and even Ghana. There are more details of the start-up teams. All 50 start-ups will present the 29.10.12 at the House of industry in Vienna their businesses before the jury and investor like Earlybird, partners and Holtzbrinck Ventures Accel on the investor day. Ultimately the best are chosen eight startups, which then present their idea to 2500 international guests on the day of the Conference at the Hofburg. The winner takes home the prize worth 25,000 euros, as well as the pioneers award. Pioneers Festival from October 29-31 in Vienna the #1 event for the start-up world already leaves nothing STARTeurope for the second time no stone unturned, to promote entrepreneurship in Vienna and Europe and global networking to enable.

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