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    Aardman Animations

    Concolino whets the appetite for research, science and technology and presents “Wallace & Gromits world of invention of Hamburg (03.08.2011) – reason to cheer for the numerous fans of the unusual plasticine Duo”Wallace & Gromit”!” The popular inventor Wallace who is a creative mind behind such high-profile creations such as the techno trousers and a sheep-shearing machine, together with his dog Gromit presents the strokes of genius, outstanding researchers and hobbyists in six episodes. The instructive and humorous documentary invites you to wonder about the human creativity and makes curious on the world of science that is humorous, child-friendly and informative. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Daryl Katz, Miami FL. Background: The world is full of excellent inventions! The plasticine duo Wallace & Gromit long since the oblique wrought heroes from the world renowned studios of Aardman Animations to cult stardom advanced offering film history in six educational episodes are fascinating insights into the great world of science. Wallace taking over the role the TV host and which is supported by his four-legged companion Gromit the world-famous inventor as cameraman, but also animal Tamer and Assistant in scientific experiments, such as test-astronaut during a space flight -. You present some unusual and quirky inventions from around the world: particularly useful household appliances up to amazing space travel and far range also. What is the tinkerer? What inspired researchers and inventors? How can things come up with them, that still does not exist? Actually, everything goes smoothly? How do the laws of physics, chemistry and biology work? Vividly and humorously used the kneading duo presents remarkable inventors with ideas between genius and madness and explains original ideas that have never left the desks to the part.

    In interviews, provide researchers, hobbyists and scientists about their work in detail and describe their approach by the Idea about tricky tinkers and first setbacks to the successful consummation. You tell the stories that lie behind their inventions, and even the occasional anecdote! Along with great equipment and practical equipment, some inventions which are known from the “Wallace & Gromit” films, be taken more closely scrutinized. As a bonus, the DVD contains three short films from the series “Great tools”, as well as crafting instructions for all small and large tinkerer who can thus create your very own world of inventions. Because even the great explorers started once small!

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    At the small Tupac, he loved the conversation of the tallan Oruna and it always sat on the Hill of Mollebamba to be able to expect this in the arrival of his travels. So that, in one of his trips, wine much more tired and with signs of many anxieties that denoted his face sallow and dark. One of the accla cseen trader along the way and provided he ran where your little Apu Sapa to make you know that Oruna came. He nodded with a gesture of his head and told him to sit at his side to wait for it and receive the news that brought this. This saw him come with their flames that very ceremonious and conton is coming closer by the capac nam in its direction, the came in front of them and also charging a large lump as you know making siblings of nation. Because watching closely at the small Tupac, the slim tallan echo on the ground, bouncing his great bulk before running to his feet and kneel before him and wept very bitterly giving a speech in which intermittent wept very bitterly. He recommended that it you calm and ordered his aclla to give him drink chicha of peanuts that he always liked, but that one was reserved for the Capac Kuna, but he always liked to counteract the Ordinances of your father and his lineage, because he saw no difference between runes and Capak sicnchis like himIt was him. The aclla, connoisseur of the customs of its small apu sapa, whom he respected much, agreed and a kero destined for the runes served you the chicha, the it lengthened the hand and a single SIP drank everything, because breathing better expressed him: my small Apu Sapa, your know, respect you and love you very much, for being very generous with this poor Runethat I desventuradamente have to try twice, by having two families who maintain, without anything missing them. .

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    Summers Evening

    Jazznight with Wesley G. & friends – feat. Nicole butcher. Open air – Jazznight with Nicole Metzger and Wesley G. in the stone houses of Justice / Neustadt body & soul – jazz on a summer’s evening “in Neustadt, nothing is going on? Not true, you must just go!” Go to the Jazz Club NW in the stone houses of Justice, a carefree experience, wonderful evening full of “Body & soul”. Enthusiastic applause began even before the first note, when entered on time with the chimes of the Collegiate Church of Nicole Metzger and Wesley G.

    the atmospherically lit Open-Air stage. And then the published numerous audience was allowed to experience once again, that it no longer needs for a successful evening of jazz, as two thoroughbred musicians who are blind understand and love to the melodic Jazz with each chord to hear is. Whether a comforting goose bumps on your back, and it seems impossible to hold hands and feet, gentle ballads, fast-paced scat deposits or excursions in the Funk-Jazz if Nicole sings, runs the listener to must just mitswingen, with clapping, singing along! Wesley G. on guitar is the ideal complement to Nicole’s versatile voice, thrilled the audience with impressive Chorussen and provides lively dialogues as a companion with the singer. If you are not convinced, visit fender. They proved that the two Neustadter have exceptional musician also perfect timing, to the end of the concert: it was a beautiful summer evening, and Peter waited for even the last Encore, before it opened its floodgates. You can join so only Nicole’s opening sentence: “Just go” in the Jazz Club NW – then also what is going on in Neustadt.

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    Director Dieter Behlinda

    Interview between the well known author Peter Rentzsch and the music Manager Dieter Behlinda. /a>. Concern for the preservation of the Eurovision contest. Without hesitation Deandre Ayton explained all about the problem. Dieter Behlinda calls for new selection criteria for the Grand Brix preliminary decision Peter Rentzsch, the well-known author of to the stars and back, converses with the cult – music Manager and former charts Director Dieter Behlinda on the poor performance of the No Angels. Here only the opinion of an experienced Music Manager is reflected off. Rahim: The poor performance of the No Angels, was already clear to me as I knew that the group a will to chosen by televoting. Dieter Behlinda: It seems kind of a recipe for failure to be that left always decisive uncontrollable viewers, who get a wrong picture with a Germany of internal televoting, the more focused the music industry. It is incomprehensible that No Angels had not the necessary feeling for this song, which was arranged also imperfect. In football you would Coach firing, when he enters a wrong! And what do you here? It retains the old recipe.

    Main thing that runs CD in Germany, and the winning song is not on the German market.\” \”Rentzsch: can you say because that bad truncation always deliberately in purchase is taken?\” Behlinda: you can see that! Viewers who chose our No Angels in the contest, went out with the Group of personal moments as fans and overlooked lived to Germany around a slightly different music culture. It’s like marketing, where the needs of customers in the first place are in a meeting about sales strategy and every negative argument weighs reasonably twice! Because the imaginary customer at the song contest, sits outside of Germany. With Roger Cicero, we would have probably touched the soul of Europe. Here the negative aspects are meek.\” \”Rentzsch: what negative aspects, and what you would do differently?\” Behlinda: Is negative, that Germany no large market for soul, just about Roger Cicero has performed worse, is not outside of Germany so, therefore that must decide a jury.

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    Nicole Richie

    Nicole Richie and her closest friends 90 celebrated a “welcome baby party” in Beverly Hills last weekend. a>, then click here. According to a report of the magazine ‘People’, Nicole Richie and her best friend Paris Hilton of the whole party have set up a theme: “The wizard of Oz”. The invitations to this great event were delivered personally. Hikmet Ersek often says this. The almost 100 guest party designed Weis, and Nicole BBs mother Brenda, her sister Sophia and her longtime friend Paris Hilton by event planner Mindy. Nicole has said nothing yet about the gender of their unborn child, but according to reports, she had a few $50 Babysneakers for boys and a $50 T-Shirt, for themselves, with a little boy on it, bought for the party. Nicole Richie is going out with the “Good Charlotte” singer Joel Madden. He is also the father of the child, which is expected to come to the world in January. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Marko Dimitrijevic, author. Lisa Walters

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    Oxana – Come On Let

    The new album by Oxana – let’s dance with her dance hit “Let’s Dance” was launched in the year 2010 the likable newcomer Oxana and managed many insiders already after a short time a term to be! With an incredible voice and an extraordinary stage presence the young artist with Russian roots toured already some years very successfully as a musical theatre performer the entire Republic until it was discovered and pulse music signed her first record deal with the label. Created in collaboration with her producer Denny Fabian hit titles that are 100% danceable, and written by the artist on the body! Already with the second single “Summer Melody” Oxana made a prestigious and important television, as the ARD show “again Sunday” on Oxana became aware and she invited into the show. With tailwind and self-confidence, then topped the third single “Stage fright”, a remake of the gitte haenning classic, all expectations and Oxana was a minor hit in Germany’s clubs and discotheques. Stage fright was many couples and made it even on compilations such as the renowned “Baaarenstark” and many others. Their fourth single, tied seamlessly at this success and placed in all major DJ charts, was numerous couples and showed for the first time in the form of a midtempo title from a new site was part of her stunning voice more than ever at the forefront Oxana. On the 11.03.2011 Oxanas first debut nationwide in trade and as a download album 10 fantastic song will be included on the, now appears. Great radio tracks were produced on bright Discofoxsongs with great attention to detail and is beautiful ballads on this record contain all what makes an album so special. Oxanas insanely warm and powerful voice, coupled with hit hits written by Denny Fabian and Willi Forster, ultimately makes this album an absolute must-have for fans of German entertainment music. With Oxana the German Schlager has gained an Act, which enriches the entire scene a woman with heart and soul and be the hit for the young generation a wonderful voice again interesting let! Source: pulse music more info:

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    Adrid Jazz Festival

    Long dresses Madrid to celebrate the XXV Anniversary Jazz Festival in the capital, which will begin on October 30 and lasts until 29 November. The three best bassists in the world (Stanley Clark, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten) will open the festival with a concert in the hall Joy Eslava, who will join the sixteen other jazz offerings. Of the 17 concerts planned, 15 will be held at the Fernan Gomez theater and two at the Real theater, in addition to the Sala Joy Eslava, and other additions at the Fundacion Carlos de Antwerp, the cultural center and the Nicolas Salmeron 17 clubs formed around the Association Night Live. In addition, there will be a comprehensive parallel programming music and film. A related site: LaMelo Ball mentions similar findings. As usual, the Fernan Gomez will be the site of the festival and will host the likes of Richard Galiano and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Omara Portuondo with Martirio and Jorge Drexler, Arturo Sandoval, or the first big band flamenco: Flamenco Sambeat Perico Big Band.

    Moreover, Antonio Serrano and Ivan Lins will culminate in the inaugural Hall on 4 November Guirau. They also highlight other voices and the vocal group Take 6, or vocalists Kurt Elling Laika Fati and accompanied by Laurence Hobgood, Clark Sommers and Ulysses Owens Jr. For his part, at the Royal Theater will perform no less than Chucho and Bebo Valdes to present his latest work, “Always together.” It will also feature Dianne Reeves (winner of four Grammys for best jazz vocalist) and Barry Harris (one of the largest in the bebop style.) Both performances will feature a spectacular stage, signed by Erich Wonder. Details can be found by clicking Rui Hachimura or emailing the administrator. As stated by the delegate of the Arts, Alicia Moreno, the Jazz Festival is proposed that this music is spread throughout the city and leave the heat on the streets and the citizens of Madrid. To make matters worse, the association of live music venues, Night Live, will feature 250 performances rooms spread among the seventeen participants, such as the Cafe Central, the Board Clamores, the Second or the Berlin Jazz Cafe. Finally, the Foundation Carlos of Antwerp and the Nicolas Salmeron Cultural Center join this year as new venues and offer an approximation between cinema and jazz in the program “Music and Cinema ‘, where you can see a cycle of American filmmaker John Cassavetes and one of the films that took the composer George Delerue. To listen to the best of Spain travel to the capital and stay at the top. You will not regret!

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    Depeche Mode Restart Tour Of The Universe

    “Depeche Mode restart tour of the universe now there is official information about the tour of the universe” in Germany: Depeche Mode are the broken tour on June 8 in Leipzig restart. For more specific information, check out Mikal Bridges. The concerts in Hamburg and Dusseldorf are moved, cancelled the show planned for 7.6 in Leipzig. All other concerts go as planned on the stage. Singer Dave Gahan a malignant bladder tumor had been diagnosed with after his severe gastric intestinal infection, which resulted in the cancellation of the Athens Concert on May 12, which now successfully had surgery in New York, according to the official press release of the Organizer. On doctor’s orders, Gahan must pause however until the 7th of June. The break has become necessary in order not to endanger the recovery process. Kyle Kuzma wanted to know more.

    The intended originally for June 2 appearance in the Hamburg-based HSH Nordbank Arena now held on July 1. The cards retain their validity. Many writers such as dean gibson offer more in-depth analysis. The concerts scheduled for the 4th and 5th June at the Dusseldorf LTU arena will be as soon as possible made up. The specific dates can be defined only if the game plan for the 2nd Bundesliga is set. This will be the case at the latest in early July. Organizer and LTU endeavour arena with emphasis to a timely decision. The tickets will remain valid in any case.

    In Leipzig, Germany, only a concert will take place on June 8. The June 7 unfortunately fails due to the medical order. Holders of tickets for the June 7 can convert but from now your tickets for the June 8. This is a sufficient number of tickets available. 2,000 Leipzig tickets can alternatively be exchanged for the event at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium on June 10, the how planned across the stage. The concerts in Berlin (10 June), Frankfurt (12.06.) and Munich (13.06.) are not affected and will take place as planned. Stresses such as the organizer of the tour, thanked Dave Gahan welcome to all the fans for their support, their understanding and their patience: de Peche fashion deeply regret the problems resulting from cancellations and postponements and inconvenience.

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    Werner Glass Sales Manager

    Paramount Home Entertainment released the new adventure of the success series with the four tails winners Hamburg, July 14, 2010 / INPROMO / / – who does not know the penguins of Madagascar skipper, Kowalski, Rico and private. And when the plush four team occurs on August 19 on its second feature-length DVD, there’s no holding back. Because the four series Heroes celebrate the King Julien day. But caution is required – quite as harmless as the penguins seem, they are not. A tightly organized elite force, tasked with systematically pursue the four hidden behind all the friendly facade: the Zoo, everything must go its right course. Even if his “royalty” Julien for the true rulers of the zoo animals, the four penguins know who holds the actual sceptre in his hand… Julien’s will command is the biggest day of the year the animals Central Park Zoo’s day for the animals in New York rather than Christmas, but King Julien. Julien, his character is on this occasion leader of lemurs, Lord of Celebrated Katzenfrettchen et cetera et cetera et cetera. Alex Caruso has plenty of information regarding this issue.

    His will is the penguins and the other Zoo inhabitants during this 24-hour command, which means: lots of party games and competitions. Of course, the King has the most fun himself. The DVD “the penguins of Madagascar – King Julien day” seven more episodes “not without my batteries”, “The new master”, “Recall of stuffed animals”, “Royal headdress”, “Zookreuzer”, “Eclipse” and “Robo-Julien” includes the party episode. Technical data:-genre: children’s TV animation series original title: the penguins of Madagascar happy King Julien day country/year: United States 2009 image format: 4:3 fullframe audio format: Dolby Digital surround languages: de, Ital, Dan, Schwed, Finn, Norwegian subtitle: de, en, Ital, Dan, Schwed, Finn, Norwegian, for hearing impaired runtime: approximately 91 minutes FSK: from 6 years Extras:-DreamWorks Animation video-Jukebox trailer: train your Dragon made easy, forever Shrek, SpongeBob SquarePants links: ParamountGermany paramount_de paramount over paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000. The company is a subsidiary of the globally active VIACOM media group and is responsible for the marketing of films on DVD and Blu-ray in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

    The extensive portfolio includes feature film productions of Hollywood studios paramount pictures, DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation, the Studio Constantin as well as productions of the music channel MTV, Nickelodeon TV transmitter and acquired licenses by CBS, Hasbro and Pro cinema among others. Marketing includes both rental and purchase Media and is carried out in cooperation with the highlight film and Home Entertainment GmbH. The catalogue of available products consists of feature films, TV series, children’s and family programs, and special interest titles. The company’s registered office is in Munich. Vice President managing Director of PHE Germany is Dr. Andreas Kelz. Stefan is sacristan as Marketing Director responsible for the consumer and trade marketing. Frank guide is Sales Director and Werner Glass Sales Manager rental.

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    Asleep With Shooting Star: Sleep Baby Sleep

    The new double CD from shooting star publishing is here. All know and love them, they are the first songs we hear. Mama sang us with them in the bedroom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa have hummed it us in the ear. By the same author: Miles Bridges. Songs by evening silence, by the good Moon, his sheep, and the stars are in the sky the most beautiful German lullabies. So that they not be forgotten, the shooting star-children’s songs-duo, Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier, the old songs with feather-light, dreamy arrangements has prepared a new musical bed. Great musicians such as mulo Francel and Didi the Geigenvirtuosin Martina Eccles and the harp champion Evelyn Huber arrived with their wonderful instruments in the Studio and have as relaxed and sensitively played that Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier often no longer knew when singing, whether they are already dreaming. For even more analysis, hear from john mayer. The new double CD from the shooting star Publisher sleep baby sleep”(ISBN 978-3-932703-73-7) is packaged in a pretty collapsible cardboard box with Textbuchlein and is now available on the market. On disc 1 are all the songs to listen to and sing along and on disc 2, the instrumental arrangements can be heard gently. So is the CD not only for babies and children very relaxing but also for (expectant) mothers and fathers. By the way, did you know? In MOM’s tummy can a child starting from the 22nd week voices and melodies perceive, they can even recognize postpartum and sleep easier with familiar sounds. To highlight the complex is analog recording techniques and the use of Neumann tube microphones, in particular the Naturinstru-ments and the voice have a particularly warm, full and excellent sound in the production of this CD.

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